In the fireman suits and equipment category, you will find the highest quality fireman suits and equipment on the market. A firefighter’s job is extremely dangerous, and the quality of fireman suits and equipment is crucial to their safety. That’s why we must provide them with the highest quality fireman suits and protective gear so that they can perform to the best of their abilities. To perform their tasks safely, besides fireman suits, they should wear additional protective gear such as a firefighter helmet (made of heat-resistant materials), firefighter boots, air supply systems, fire masks and filters, firefighter gloves, etc.


The protective fireman suits are made of a fire-resistant material (Nomex) and are designed to protect against heat radiation and the effects of flames. They have reflective and fluorescent strips. Fireman suits consist of protective trousers and a protective jacket.

Fireman suits have four-layer systems:

  • Outer Layer: NOMEX OUTER SHELL TOUGH – 75% NOMEX®, 23% KEVLAR, 5% P 140
  • Moisture Barrier: FR mesh fabric + PU membrane
  • Heat Barrier: 100% Aramid felt
  • Inner Layer: 50% Aramid, 50% Viscose FR
  • Reflectors: Yellow/gray/yellow, with aramid carrier


  1. Our fireman suits are manufactured following EN 469:2005+A1:2006+AC:2006 standards (Protective clothing for firefighters – Performance rules for protective clothing used in firefighting).
  2. They have CE certification.
  3. These clothes have the EC Type examination certificate, which is required for the 89/686/EEC personal protective equipment class.
  4. These fireman suits have the MED certificate, which is required for ships operating following the Ship Equipment Directive 96/98/EC.


Aside from fireman suits, firefighters must also wear fire boots. Firefighter boots are designed to protect firefighters from the effects of fire, slipping, twisting, wetness, and falling parts, and must be worn at all times. They’re known as bunker or turn-out boots. Our bunker boots are resistant to flames, radiant heat, fuel oil, mineral oils, acids, solvents, etc. The soles of our bunker boots are non-slip. When they come into contact with hot surfaces, they do not melt.

They have a steel-reinforced toe that can withstand 200 J of pressure. The steel midsole is puncture-resistant and can withstand 1100 N forces. Cotton is used for the inner lining. They’re a dark color. They are compatible with chemical suits that meet the EN 943-5 standard. Our bunker boots have been SEE-BG certified for use in the marine industry.


The firefighter’s helmet is designed to protect the head from flying objects and must be worn during all missions. Our fireman helmets are made of aluminum, duroplast, thermoplastic, Kevlar (AFK), or GRP. They have neck protection (usually made of leather or aramid fiber).

A visor can also be installed to protect against splinters or thermal radiation (usually with vapor-deposited metals). A movable visor is resistant to temperatures of up to 250°C and complies with EN 166 and EN 14458 standards. The visor can withstand a 14 kW/m2 flow radiant heat test. To keep your hands free from work, a helmet lamp can be attached to the helmet. There are also radio sets that can be attached to the helmet.

Our leatherhead has a one-of-a-kind design that qualifies it as Personal Protective Equipment (89/686/EEC). This helmet is CE-certified and conforms to EN 443. It satisfies the MED directive’s requirements.


The helmet’s outer shell is made of fire-resistant material. It has a fully reflective exterior layer. The inner shell protects the back of the neck and the face. The reflective outer shell has colorful stripes. It has a longitudinal outer relief and an interior ventilation channel. The outer shell is made of a material that absorbs shock. It can be adjusted to fit any size head (from 54 to 62). It has a special inner lining that will not irritate your skin.


Many fire departments use the terms “bunker gear” or “turnout gear” to refer to the protective clothing worn by firefighters. The pants and boots were usually kept near the firefighter’s bunk at the fire station and were always available for use. This is where the term “bunker gear” originated.


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