Raff Military Textile allows you to design and customize all types of military camouflage uniforms to your specifications. In the military camouflage uniform category, you will find a wide variety of combat uniforms, jackets, and coats made from high-quality fabrics and materials for various countries.

This military camouflage uniform will keep you safe and protected from the elements as long as possible. Furthermore, it aids in the identification of the hierarchy in your branch and clarifies the flow of orders. You know who your boss is and who your coworker is. It is also useful for making your tasks easier. It has many pockets for carrying your gear around, and the Velcro straps allow you to attach whatever badge or patch you want.


As previously stated, we can tailor your military camouflage uniform to your army’s specifications. As a result, the features listed below are what we generally use or what we used in previous models. We can also create a model with different features if you require it. Raff Military Textile’s military camouflage uniform set includes a jacket, t-shirt, and pants. Each customer, however, determines the items he requires. We sell the entire suit as well as individual pieces.


Cotton and polyester are the two materials we use here, but the percentage of each varies depending on factors such as the country’s weather. This decision is based on the advantages of each material and the importance of having a comfortable and long-lasting military camouflage uniform.

Cotton is well-known for its softness and ease of care. It also makes cleaning easier, so you don’t have to put in as much effort or time to wash this uniform. Cotton absorbs sweat and odors from your skin. You will no longer be bothered by humidity or bad odors when wearing this military camouflage uniform. Maintain constant freshness!

Polyester, on the other hand, is more resistant, long-lasting, and lightweight. This clothing will last for many years with no tears or holes. Furthermore, you will not feel the weight on your body at all. This way, you can include all of the necessary equipment.

We should mention that we apply nanotechnology to all our military camouflage uniforms, to avoid the spread of bacteria and irritation of the skin. The Sun’s rays get rid of all the bacteria on your uniform and keep it usable for a long time.


We use Ripstop for its ability to resist all kinds of shocks. The high resistance means that you can keep this military camouflage uniform for a long time and in good shape. It doesn’t lose any features with time.


The choice of colors depends on the camouflage pattern of your country, and of your army branch. In this category, you will find shades of green, shades of blue, beige, and brown. Sometimes, soldiers use military camouflage uniforms to blend into the environment they are in. Here are some most used patterns; Woodland, Multicam, Flecktarn, Tiger Stripe Camouflage, UCP, CADPAT, DPCU, DCU, and NWU.


When you become a soldier, they give you a guiding book about the best practices to follow during your service period. This book talks in detail about every aspect of your life as a soldier, which includes washing and cleaning your military equipment and clothes. You can either wash it manually or in the machine, it depends on your free time because the first option will take much more of your time and effort. In this paragraph, we will only talk about automatic washing.

  • Separate your military camouflage uniform from the other clothes in the machine. You have to avoid the risk of the transfer of any odor or color. You don’t want to mess up your camo pattern. However, you can, of course, put several uniforms of the same color or pattern.
  • Use cold water to eliminate damaging the features of fabrics used in your military camouflage uniform, and always choose a permanent cycle, unless your uniform is covered with dirt and needs deeper cleaning. Only in this case, you can use the normal cycle.
  • Don’t use detergents and lighting products, not to damage the antibacterial properties. All you need to do is to clean mud or dirt with a mild detergent.
  • For the drying process, we suggest cool air to avoid creases. It can take a long time and therefore we advise you to use the dryer with a temperature not exceeding 54 C°.

These instructions will change based on the percentage of the fabrics of your clothes, so you might first read your manual carefully.


If you are looking for military equipment that is practical, functional, and long-lasting, we invite you to look at our options. Please contact us via social media or WhatsApp for more information on the military camouflage uniform shown here.