In the military gun holsters category, you will find the best quality military gun holsters available on the market. Military gun holsters are very important pieces of military equipment. Keep your weapon accessible, all the time thanks to these holsters made from leather or Cordura. We have different designs of military gun holsters to satisfy all your needs. Check out our collection of high-quality, convenient, and easy-to-use gun holsters.

Some soldiers work in the field, so they need shoulder or ankle gun holsters, while others work in the office, which means that they will prefer belt holsters. Also, for direction, there are military gun holsters that are perfect for right-handed shooters and left-handed shooters as well.

Because of the importance of military gun holsters for an army member, we choose the best materials and designs that comply with international requirements, but also with our customer’s demands. Choose the design, the materials, and the color, and we’ll make it happen.


Military gun holsters are used to keep the pistol in a position where it can be quickly and easily removed. They can be one color or camouflaged to match the military uniform. They have a MOLLE strap system that allows you to quickly and securely attach to a belt or strap. We use leather, polyvinyl, and Cordura to offer you robust military gun holsters, which resist all types of shock and abrasion.

They also make them last long and therefore you will not have to replace them after a few uses, our military gun holsters have molle systems to attach any military accessory, adjustable straps to keep your weapon in its place, and flexible Velcro tapes that you can easily attach or detach. The quick-release buckle of our military gun holster gives you access to your holster at any time. They can also come with an extra ammo holster so you’re always ready to go.

We have a various range of military gun holsters, in black, white, or pixel camouflage patterns. Also, for the design, there are undershirts, and shoulder, knee, thigh, and ankle holsters. Some people prefer to have military gun holsters for single holsters and others for double holsters.


To keep your military gun holsters ready, you need to maintain them regularly. Try to clean your military gun holster every fifteen days so that dust does not accumulate. But for a deeper cleaning, detach the parts of the holster and wash them one by one, using warm water and soap.

The material of the case determines which lotions to use and how. Leather, for example, must be cleaned with hot water to tighten it well, but for drying, it is highly recommended not to use a dryer and therefore leave it outdoors. Hot water keeps the holster always in good shape. But the dryer can damage the quality of the leather and ruin its shape.

For the plastic holster, we suggest cold water instead to avoid damaging the material or altering its shape. This last is very important to fix the gun in its place.

As lubrication is a necessary step to restore the leather’s shine and strengthen its properties, we advise you to use a few drops of oil from time to time. Applying a large amount of oil or repeating this process several times will only have the opposite effect and may even change the shape of the case.


We can’t say whether this military gun holster is the best for you or not because it depends on the person and the situation. For every situation, there is an ideal holster that is more convenient and appropriate. If you work in an office or drive a car frequently, it’s best to wear a shoulder or lap holster to keep you comfortable. But, if your day is spent in the field, we recommend thigh or belt holsters. The closure system is also to be taken into consideration since you can easily take your weapon out at any time.


If you still need more information about our military gun holsters, we invite you to call us or send us a message on social media. Our customer service will provide all the assistance you will need to make an order. With our customization option, you can choose the design and the production details of the military gun holster you need, and our experts will make the product according to that.

All our products comply with international requirements but we can, all the time, produce a special military gun holster just for you. The shipping method is also your choice, either you arrange it with a transportation service provider, or we can take care of that, in exchange for additional fees.