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In the police accessories category, you will find all the high-quality police accessories that allow police officers to work more easily. Our company manufactures hats, belts, gun cases, police hats, helmets, and all police accessories. With Raff Military Textile, you can custom-make any product according to the specifications of your choice. We help your police officers uphold the law, protect the life, liberty, and property of citizens, and prevent crime and civil unrest.

Thanks to our significant experience in the textile industry, we can produce any police accessories you need. Our experts worked with countries from different regions, which has allowed them to accumulate great knowledge and flexibility. All our products comply with international health requirements.


In this section, you will find all the police accessories that are necessary to accomplish your tasks properly. These are the products we made for our previous customers, we can customize them based on your preferences. We have 100% polyester reflective vests in different colors. There are some velcro straps to attach ranks and badges and mention “Police” on the back or front, according to each police unit.

We produce stable and sturdy helmets with transparent visors, to protect your head from falling objects, collisions, and shocks. You’ll find them in blue, white, and black, you choose the color that goes with your police uniform. Furthermore, there are also police caps and hats. They are made with polyester and cotton. These police accessories will save you from all possible sunburns and headaches that can occur after a long time in the field. Select the hat that goes with your uniform and we’ll produce it.

We also have black police backpacks that are perfect for bringing your gear to any operation. They have multiple pockets for more storage space. These police backpacks are fit for all climates, they are waterproof for rainy and cloudy weather, and tough to withstand the potential shocks of police operations. You can use them for business trips without hesitation, these police accessories can store all your clothes and equipment and keep them handy.

We provide lightweight defense sticks to guarantee you incomparable striking speed and movement flexibility. They are strong enough to defend themselves and equipped with a simple locking system for an immediate reaction. Our batons are all practical, so whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can use them.

We use two materials to make these batons; polyurethane and rubber, which make them wear and abrasion resistant, and waterproof. No matter how the weather is there, these police accessories are always useful. To keep your pistol and the other tools handy, don’t forget your holsters in leather or fabric, in all colors. Based on your job, you can select the most convenient gun holster, or belt for the thigh, chest, ankle, and knee. Add any patches or badges on the Velcro bands and adjust the size with the buttons. To complete your gear, you also need holsters for ammunition and handcuffs.

If your work is mainly in the office or on the roads riding cars, we would recommend ankle or thigh pistol holsters. But if you work in the field running and investigating crime scenes, it’s better to take the chest or belt holsters. The purpose of these police accessories is to keep your guns handy but also without influencing your movements.

To protect the sensitive parts of your body, you need knee and elbow pads. They have flexible closures to adapt them according to your size. They accentuate protection against unpredictable injuries thanks to these durable, comfortable, and adjustable models, and form a barrier between your body and the external shocks that may occur during your investigations. For cleaning, you can simply wipe them with a damp cloth after each use, and they will always look new and neat.

The police accessories you’ll find in this section are all customized products of our previous customers, according to the specifications of each country. You can choose from these designs or send us your requirements and we will adapt our design and production to meet your needs.


Apart from the police accessories examples available on our website, you can choose all the design and production details in line with your country. This includes patterns, materials, fabrics, and colors. For transportation, we are flexible, you select the service provider that suits you and we will arrange the rest, or you can handle it yourself.

Thanks to our experience in this industry, we master the whole process and we guarantee flawless products and a good customer experience. We have been working for more than 40 years in this domain, which allowed us to identify the needs of every country and satisfy them. We have multi-language customer service. Contact us during the weekdays, from 9 am to 6 pm.