THE MILITARY BOOTSYou have heard the phrase “you are what you eat”, we know that the way you take care of your body inside is super important, but how do you take care of it outside? And we’re not just talking about creams or other skin and hair care products, we’re talking about how do you project yourself to others? Do you notice the quality of the clothes you’re going to buy? Be careful, not just the brand or the price. Do you take its durability into consideration? If you do, congratulations, but if not, you should investigate more about what you buy. As we know, militaries are very strict in battle and clothing they will use on it, one of the most important accessories are the military boots they use, but to choose the best ones, they must take into consideration some specifications such as: that they have a high and reinforced tip, that the sole is suitable for going up and down any terrain, that the insole is removable, or that the lining is thermal and breathable, and so on.

Just as there are different types of military accessories, military forces, military clothing, and military uniforms, there are also different types of military boots that are complimentary for military uniforms, some soldiers might have more than one pair of military boots, each pair for a special occasion. There are military boots for the desert, which are characterized by having a sand color and despite being made of leather, the materials with which they combine the leather, allows these military boots to be breathable. There are also military boots for snow, these are white and allow the soldier to mix with the environment, the sole is non-slip and thick; the military boots for the jungle or humid climates, are quite similar to the desert ones, only that in the lower part they have eyelets that allow the exit of water in case of having to cross a river or something like that. And finally we have the normal military boots, the black leather ones, those are used when you are not on a mission or also to distinguish which soldier has already graduated and who has not.