Some regions are almost impossible to reach due to limited access, or sometimes you just have to be as invisible as possible to enter them. This has lead the army to prepare its soldiers for jumping out of a plane and land in this unreachable places.

But, what does it take to do it? Is it easy to do a free fall? Well, for sure is not easy, as you can see in your body, we have not developed wings to fly by ourselves (that’s why we invented planes), so, our body is not used to fall from extreme highs, but there is always a way to do it. Going back to the first question, it takes a lot of courage to jump off a plane with just a parachute on your back, and with the risk of getting nausea, vertigo or a strong headache due to pressure changes.

Also, your parachute must be lightweight but resistant, so it can help you to slow down the fall speed, and for the parachute to be able to do this, it has to be manufactured with special fabrics, the most used nowadays are Nylon®, Terylene®, and Kevlar®, as their compositions allows the air to be trapped inside the parachute, but also they are heat resistant and sometimes anti-rip. As part of the parachute, there are stainless steel cables that keep it secure and attached to the backpack in your body. This kind of missions are far from being easy, so after knowing all of this… Would you be brave enough to jump?