In the military and police forces, there are 2 kinds of heroes: humans and dogs. Both specially trained for battle tasks, but dogs are the main key for bomb and another explosive detection; these little soldiers are out of this world, they jump from airplanes and risk their lives in the war zone. However, not all breeds are accepted to do the job, as we can see in the streets or the news, must of them are German Shepherds or Labrador Retriever, but there are other breeds like Belgian Malinois which small size is perfect for special missions in the navy.

Also, the countries from where they are gotten are Germany and Holland. But not all of them get to be part of the forces team, like their human partners, they pass through tests that will make sure that they are suitable for the job, as they can have some illnesses or be more prompted to develop one.

These animals are so intelligent, that they are more trusted to bomb and drug detection than any machine built by man. Loyalty is one of the best qualities of a 4 paws partner, for example, when their human buddy dies, it’s hard for them to adapt to a new one. They feel and see the same things as human soldiers, so they can also suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which leads to their being released from service and the possibility to be adopted. But there is something that can’t be denied, 4 paws soldiers are cute and letal, with a great heart.