Leaving home and becoming independent, is what most of the people have planned to do when they will grow up, but what happens when you leave the nest but still are not fully independent of your actions? And I’m not talking about leaving alone and going to a party, or cleaning your house and spending your money whenever you want, but, the fact that you enter to an organization where you have to follow the rules 24/7, 365 days per year.

It takes discipline and patience (among other qualities), to be able to live like this for a great part of your life. Being away from your family, not knowing if that next bullet is gonna be for you or your partner, of course, the danger exists in every single part of the world, but soldiers are more exposed than civilians.

They train hard every day to become letal in war, as is their chore to protect the people from their country against all. The job is noble as it is sad, full of death, strength, and loyalty, you saved your country but killed people from another one, for reasons that you might not even understand, you just do what you are told, but at the same time feeling that it is the right thing to do.
Hope is the last thing that dies for the soldiers, hope for a better future for their country, the hope of a better world, hope for them to be able to go back home after the war ends.