This is not the first time that worldwide armies have to handle a pandemic. One of the most recent pandemics in the last 15 years was the AH1N1 pandemic, affecting 35 countries in America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

In those years, the first country to get infected was Mexico. Mexican government, with the national army forces, started the Plan DN-III-E. This plan consists of using the national military forces and making available to citizens.

In 2009, soldiers were everywhere. They use to give antibacterial el and masks to the people. Also, they gave recommendations to citizens how they could protect themselves against the disease.

Thus, in 2020, Mexico and countries made the same. Military forces were standing with their military uniforms, military boots, and masks to help people.

Nowadays, in pandemics, the military equipment has to add another accessory. The mask protects help the soldier to not disperse any liquid from his mouth and nose that can spread the disease.

Armies in the world are helping citizens to remember home is the best place that they can be in this difficult situation.