Raff Military Textile has for centuries produced a range of military products of irreproachable quality and with very affordable prices. In this section of products, we present you an array of products that are dispatched in several categories; military equipment, police equipment, corporate clothes products, police coats, firemen jackets, clothes or equipment for private or governmental agencies.

The uniform is a fundamental element that is used when communicating the desired image. Normally, they are used in everyday activities such as at work or at school. However, the uniforms have a bellicose origin, which would take us back to ancient Egypt, where it is said, the first military uniforms made of leather were created, and, in certain areas, mainly in the upper part of the body that is most exposed to enemy attacks, reinforced by metal parts. Subsequently, the uniforms evolved overtime to reach the military-style as we know it today. Military uniforms are requested all around the world and are in constant evolution to such an extent that a robotic system will be integrated on the suit.

Raff Military Textile products are made with the best material and also to Turkey, the country in which our company is established, are located in a pro-registered place to be able to ship anywhere in the world due to its central position, giving Raff Military Textile an opportunity to send its products to Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Normally, when our clients are interested in our products, for example, military equipment or police equipment, we show them our virtual catalog where there are all the accessories and military equipment in different styles, designs, and colors that we offer. In the section you will see each product, including a number code with which it can be located and be produced easily for you.