This section here we expose our productions for the police equipment, different from the military clothing. You will find uniforms, police boots / shoes and police accessories made from high quality and premium material. We are dedicated to our customers, which is why our police equipment is comfortable and durable. Raff Military Textile exports finished products to Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and other countries.

Police officers need to wear and carry all the necessary equipment to do successfully all the duties. The job of an agent is not an easy task, so adequate police equipment will help to carry out their activities without maximum difficulties. Fox examples, one of the objects that cannot be missing in the equipment of the police (despite being so cliché) are the handcuffs. However, an accessory that does not tend to be taken into account and of vital importance are the case of handcuffs because they keep them safe in fixed place.

Police and military supplier and manufacturer of Military clothes and police equipment are very well organized as the request of high Standard from the different military countries. Each country has its own standard, design and request of stitching.Military supplier and Manufacturer must take into account all these requests to deliver the high performing products to each military country, since every city or country has its particular colors or fabrics, normally about the weather.

The design of pattern for each country can be changed according the request from the Military Supplier and Manufacturer of Military clothes and equipment. All aspects must be details to fit absolutely the request of the clients. Military Supplier and Manufacturer of Military clothes and police equipment must have big known how and experience in all aspects of the products and must also add good creativity and also use adequate materials.