In this category, you’ll find military women’s uniforms, and a various range of army clothes adapted to the female morphology. They are comfortable and lightweight to get you ready anytime. No matter what position or the branch you’re working in, we have suitable clothes for you. We make sure every uniform fulfills its function, through the right choice of materials, design, and camouflage pattern, if you need one.

Our military women’s uniforms include all the clothes that a soldier must put on, in her service. You will therefore find sets in solid color or camouflage, a classic model with a jacket, trousers, belt, and cap, a ceremonial dress, sweaters, jackets, and many other models according to the needs of each branch.

Here are some military women’s uniforms for the infantry, the navy, the air force, and the gendarmerie, that we made for our previous customers, in different countries in the world. Our global experience makes it easy to offer good quality products that match international health requirements and our customers’ expectations. Raff Military Textile is among the first companies that adopted nanotechnology, in the textile industry in Turkey. This feature makes it easy to clean and maintain the military women’s uniforms, as well as to protect the skin from the sun’s rays. Don’t worry about the health and the well-being of your soldiers anymore, we have prepared antibacterial clothes just for that.



We are using in our military women’s uniforms, a combination of cotton and polyester based on the needs of our customers. It depends mainly on the weather conditions of the training or fighting area, for hot regions, we use more cotton, while for cold regions, the percentage of polyester is higher. This material wicks away sweat and odors from your body. With the military women’s uniform from Raff Military Textile, you will no longer suffer from sweating.


As for fabrics, we have ripstop, it is known for its high resistance to all kinds of shocks and tears. This feature allows the soldier to wear this military women’s uniform for a long time. The color and the camouflage pattern of the military women’s uniforms depend on the nature of the battlefield, whether it is forest, desert, or something else. Our customer selects the color that goes with the specifications of his country.


Military women’s uniforms are designed for female soldiers. But, normal civilians can wear them under some conditions. These conditions depend on the regulations of every country. In general, you can’t put on the uniform as a real soldier might do. In other words, you are prohibited from putting on the tops and bottoms of the military uniform. It’s a measure of security and to avoid any confusion.

Civilians are more and more interested in military clothing because of its comfort, robustness, and style. They are practical clothes that are trendy all the time, no matter how many years you keep them, you can still put them on again. The only important aspect to pay attention to is the legislation in your country. For military accessories, you can wear them without a problem, these include boots, hats, camouflage caps, belts, and many others.


To maintain the same fabric features for a long time, we are going to give you some steps to follow. As mentioned before, we are using an antibacterial ripstop, that’s why you should take good care of it.

  • Do not put your military women’s uniform in the machine with other clothes. You don’t want it to absorb their dirt and odors, or even worse their colors. You know that camouflage patterns are composed of specific percentages of certain colors, which go with the themes of the different possible battlefields. Which makes it necessary to preserve the colors so that you can hide.
  • Cold water, mild detergent, and permanent cycle are the three machine settings you should stick to if you are going to wash your military women’s uniform automatically.
  • After washing comes drying, which should not be taken lightly. You can dry them conventionally, hang them in the fresh air, or with a dryer. If you opt for the last option, do not exceed 54 C° to avoid damaging the antibacterial fibers.


Raff Military Textile is committed to providing you with the best military women’s uniforms, to reflect the power and authority that these women hold, and to keep up with the increasing number of female soldiers in the different branches worldwide. Our company is aware of the importance of these warriors to keep the world safe, and that’s why we use only the best materials. We can customize this military uniform to match your requirements.