In the gendarmerie uniforms category, you will find high-quality uniforms, sweaters, and reflective vests. The gendarmerie uniform is designed specifically for members of the various units of the Gendarmerie. Members of the gendarmerie wear several different types of two-piece uniforms and coveralls. The type of uniform they wear is determined by the environment and situation in which the gendarmerie members find themselves. We are committed to protecting gendarmerie personnel, through gendarmerie uniforms that always keep them visible and protected, especially in low-lightening circumstances, at far distances.

Gendarmerie uniforms are almost the same as police uniforms. Since they have the same tasks and mission, and their job takes place in rural areas, they also need to be functional, comfortable, and most importantly, easy to maintain. In the outlying areas, gendarmerie members need clothes that resist tears, sun rays, and bacteria.

Our gendarmerie uniforms comply with international health requirements and the specifications of each client. You just have to choose the production details and we’ll take care of the rest. Thanks to our extensive experience in the textile industry, we can custom-make all products.


You’ll find gendarmerie uniforms with solid colors consisting of trousers, a t-shirt or shirt, and a jacket or vest. Our two-pocket gendarmerie pants are incredibly sturdy and comfy. Our gendarmerie jackets are two-pocket, flap-front jackets with two zippered pockets, an Italian collar, and a quick-attach belt with plastic buckles, shoulder pads, and Velcro tapes to affix your insignia and ranks.

All of these jackets have fluorescent color bands on the chest and shoulders. Without forgetting to mention “Gendarmerie,” which must be inserted on the vest on the right side at the top or in the center, depending on your preference. Our reflective vest has a two-way zipper that can be opened from the top or the bottom. Our t-shirts have an Italian collar, long or short sleeves, and “Gendarmerie” in front or behind depending on your preference in dark or light blue. We can make any model of gendarmerie uniforms to your exact specifications. Our primary concern is the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.


Cotton and polyester are used in the production of gendarmerie uniforms. The gendarmerie vests, on the other hand, are completely made of polyester. This material provides the required resistance, durability, and lightness for improved visibility. These vests last longer and are always shiny, regardless of how long they are worn. You no longer need an iron; simply wash your vests and wear them without ironing.

T-shirts can be made from any combination of materials. Most are 100% cotton, 50% cotton 50% polyester, or other percentages that you prefer. Cotton and polyester are the two materials used for gendarmerie uniforms.


Ripstop and Gabardine gendarmerie uniforms are available. Both are strong, long-lasting, and light. You will no longer need to replace your uniform frequently. Its resistance to shocks and tears allows you to extend the life of your products and use them for a long time. Gabardine increases the uniform’s resistance to abrasion and tearing, as well as its impermeability and lightness.


The color of gendarmerie uniforms is up to you. Vests in dark gray, red, dark blue, and red and black are available on the website. The reflective strips come in white, gray, or silver, but you can also choose your different colors.


The Gendarmerie vest is necessary when you’re on the road all night or in low-light spots. It is considered among the most essential personal safety equipment, because of the vital role it plays in ensuring that you are always clearly visible to passengers, car drivers, and others. Many accidents have been avoided just by the use of reflective vests. In addition, identifying your colleagues is also another concern when you are in the field. That’s why you need to wear vests that represent your branch by the colors or insignia.


Since we are using robust fabrics that resist tears and abrasion, you can wash your gendarmerie uniform as much as you want. The frequency depends on how many times you wear it. Avoid mixing it with other clothes to avoid the transfer of any colors or smells. In addition, we recommend using soft detergents not to ruin the fibers and influence the antibacterial properties.


Raff Military Textile can handle all of your gendarmerie uniform projects. Our experts ensure a long lifespan, impeccable quality, and good customer service.

If you have any further questions about our gendarmerie uniforms, please contact us via our social media accounts or WhatsApp. Inform our experts about the product you require and the requirements of your country, and they will provide recommendations and advice on design, materials, fabrics, and the most recent textile technology.