In the military ranks and epaulettes category, you will find the best quality ranks and epaulettes on the market. Military ranks and epaulettes are insignia worn on the chest or shoulders of military uniforms, particularly during military ceremonies. Military ranks and epaulettes are important for soldiers to distinguish themselves. They are used in the military to identify a specific position. However, they are not limited to armed forces personnel. They are used by a variety of professional corporations, ministries, departments, organizations, or services to indicate position, rank, class ranks, etc.

Ranks and epaulettes contain information that is easily read by a knowledgeable person. A simple layperson would have difficulty understanding. Epaulettes are shoulder-worn military accessories. This type of decorative part is only seen on a few military uniforms, usually for parades and other special occasions. Depending on the changes made, epaulettes could come in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. Epaulettes are typically available in a variety of bright colors. This is done to make the ceremony suits appear more elegant than they would otherwise. Everyone’s attention will be drawn to the military epaulettes on the ceremonial suits.


We have many different ranks and epaulettes in our collection for all types of military uniforms, but especially for officers’ ceremonial uniforms. Officers typically wear all of these accessories for events or celebrations. Soldiers require high-quality military ranks and epaulettes to avoid problems during military events or celebrations. That is why the quality of our military ranks and epaulettes is critical to us. We only use high-end textiles and other materials that can ensure the highest possible quality for our products. We can create customized military ranks and epaulettes based on your specifications. We use polyurethane for military ranks because it provides the best appearance and durability. For the production of epaulettes we are using gold or silver.

As a manufacturer of military insignia and epaulettes, we understand how to make military products and what materials to use. One of the fundamental principles of military materials is the production of high-quality products following technical specifications. As a result, the materials and fabrics we use can withstand any situation. We also require anti-bacterial fabrics and materials. All military materials manufactured by Raff Military Textile meet the required fastnesses.

Our customers can select the fabrics they want (wool fabrics, poly-viscose fabrics, poly-cotton fabrics, cotton fabrics). All international military ranks and military epaulettes are available in our production.


We apply our military ranks and military epaulettes in a variety of ways. When it comes to attaching military ranks to uniforms, the two most common methods are sewing and velcro. Military ranks are frequently embroidered on military caps and sleeves. Another application method we use is the “Application on coated or heat-sensitive fabrics” method. Using frequency machines, military ranks can be sewn onto heat-sensitive or coated materials. This type of waterproofing is suitable for a variety of fabrics, including fleece, wool, waterproof material, imitation leather, and genuine leather. Two elastics are used to keep the epaulettes in place. In everyday language, “epaulettes” refer to any shoulder straps with marks on them.


Military epaulettes have been a part of military uniforms since the late 1700s. This decoration was used to indicate a particular rank in the military at the time. Captains, for example, were given either two gold or two silver ribbons to distinguish them from other ranks. Military ranks and epaulettes have always served the same purpose in the military. Epaulettes are now only used for decoration in some armies because they add a touch of class to a soldier’s uniform. However, epaulettes are still used to show rank in some military forces around the world. It is important to wear one’s military rank so that other service members can easily identify one’s level of authority and degree of responsibility.


Raff Military Textile is a leading Turkish military equipment manufacturer. We manufacture and export military ranks and epaulettes to every country in the world. Our goal is to provide the best military ranks and epaulettes at the lowest possible price without sacrificing quality. All of our products are made with high-quality materials.

We design, manufacture, export, distribute, and wholesale a wide range of military ranks and epaulettes. Everything, including the design, materials, color, camouflage pattern, size, shape, and so on, can be customized.

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