In the military brevets category, you will find the best quality military brevets on the market. A brevet is a warrant that confers a higher rank title on a commissioned officer as a reward for heroism or distinguished performance. A brevet, on the other hand, may not confer the authority, precedence, or salary of true rank. Many military organizations around the world are like this. When an officer was promoted in this manner, he was said to be brevetted (for example, “he was brevetted major general”). Brevets can be issued for any rank, such as brevet brigadier general or brevet lieutenant.


Our military brevets come in various sizes, colors, and military patterns. Because the requirements for obtaining a military brevet vary by country, we can develop and manufacture individualized military brevets for each client. Our brevets are available in fabric or metal. There are full-size and half-size options available. The full-length metal version is used for a daytime uniform with a jacket or formal dress. Instead, mini sizes are worn for workwear with a shirt and embroidery on camouflage training clothing. Our military brevets quality is globally recognized, which is why our customers remain loyal to us. All of this is due to our company’s high-quality military brevets and our team’s vast experience and skills, which have exceeded our customers’ expectations. Everything, including the style, components, color, camouflage pattern, size, shape, and so forth, can be modified according to your needs and specifications.


At first glance, everything appears simple: we take brass and stamp it, then apply varnish and engraving. But in reality, things are a little different. A new brevet is born after extensive planning. The most important and costly aspect of the preparation process is the preparation itself. You must create a 3D model and engrave the stamping matrix based on the sketch. We engrave the matrix on the end of a steel cylinder.

We use copper alloys, primarily tombak and nickel silver, cold metal stamping technology, and hot enamel coating in the production of our brevets. In some cases, the production of brevets necessitates manual filing and assembly, the use of enamel inserts, gilding and silvering of products, and the use of enamel inserts.

It is not enough to create a good design and choose the right materials for a particular product. The real work begins after the products are cast or stamped (that is, given a specific shape). Grinding is one of the most fundamental stages of the manufacturing process. Cleaning the surface, providing precise measurements, leveling the surface, and removing excess metal are all aspects of grinding. After this stage, we have a nearly finished product. Polishing is the final step in the manufacturing process in which a small layer of the surface is removed to create a clean surface. The polished product shines with sophistication and beauty.


Military brevets are usually placed on the left pocket just above the tape. Some military brevets are worn in the right pocket. Navy military brevets are also attached to the jacket’s second and third buttons on the lower left side. The symbol of unity and brevets is always misunderstood among the staff. The symbol of unity is the symbol of the first unit attached to the personnel. It’s attached to the left pocket. It’s designed as a rather large shield in general. For example, because each force command has a union symbol, the army or corps commands or training and education commands also have union symbols under them.


Raff Military Textile is dedicated to offering a wide range of brevets. We’ve been making military brevets for a long time. We create brevets, badges, patches, and other military insignia. Proven technology and tested materials provide a long-term guarantee for such products. Raff Military Textile’s brevets are water-resistant. Water penetration under pressure is frequently tested. Therefore, this is a brevet that stands firm. We can make both new products according to your sketch or description, as well as models of brevets of any era and any complexity.

Raff Military Textile is the military equipment market leader. Our entire product line is made of high-quality materials and adheres to all international regulations. A wide range of military brevets is designed, manufactured, exported, distributed, and wholesaled by us. Everything can be customized, including the design, materials, color, camouflage pattern, size, shape, and so on.

Please contact us via WhatsApp or our social media channels for more information on Raff Military Textile’s military brevets or to place an order. Our customer service is available in all languages at all times. They will give you all of the necessary information as well as instructions on how to order and receive our products.