Product Code: 2687

Full Face Mask

Firefighter Supplies

Technical Information:

  • Vision 3 The full face mask has been specially designed for Scott air tube respirators, especially for professional firefighters, air-tube respirators and airline systems, and escape breathing apparatus.
  • Vision 3 provides the user with a high level of comfort.
  • The body of the Vision 3 product line can be used in conjunction with the Scott Safety breathing sets.
  • It is produced according to EN 136 and has a CE mark.
  • Liquid silicone injection outer casing provides fit and comfort.
  • The ring-shaped visor provides excellent visibility.
  • The SCOTT Vision 3 full-face mask is available in 4 different sizes.
  • The outer face seal is made of liquid silicone rubber. The inner mask is made of EDME material.
  • The mask’s visor is made of scratches and impact-resistant polycarbonate coated with a multi-curved and burnt-delay coating.
  • The visor is placed with U-shaped flaps.
  • It can be used with glasses without preventing leakage.
  • The full face mask is available with a 5-point neoprene head belt or 2-point adjustable headbands with polyester or Kevlar TM net.
  • There is a bayonet connection on the mask’s left side for the lung automaton’s introduction.
  • Optionally, the right-hand port of the mask is also available if you want to install a communication kit.
  • The speech diaphragm mounted on the front of the mask provides smooth speech and a low-resistance exhalation valve that allows normal breathing without additional effort.
  • The full face mask is designed to minimize the risk of cross-contamination in the secondary regulator, with separated exhalation and intake parts.