Firefighter Clothing / 2680

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Firefighter Clothing

Firefighter Clothing

FYRPRO® 440 Firefighter’s Clothing is produced in accordance with EN 469:2005+A1:2006+AC:2006 standard (Protective clothing for firefighters – Performance rules for protective clothing used in firefighting). It is CE certified.

These clothes have the EC Type examination certificate, which is in the 89/686/EEC personal protective equipment class and is mandatory.

These suits have the MED certificate, which is mandatory for use on ships in accordance with the Ship Equipment Directive 96/98/EC.

The firefighter suit has a design that facilitates mobility.
It consists of two parts, jacket and trousers.
It has four floors.
Layer System:
– Outer Layer: NOMEX OUTERSHELL TOUGH – 75% NOMEX®, 23% KEVLAR, 5% P 140
– Moisture Barrier: FR mesh fabric + PU membrane
– Heat Barrier: 100% Aramid felt
– Inner Layer: 50% Aramid, 50% Viscose FR
– Reflectors: Yellow/grey/yellow, with aramid carrier