Full Face Mask / 2683

Product Code: 2683

Full Face Mask

Firefighter Supplies


VISION 3 FULL FACE MASK is designed for use with all SCOTT SAFETY masks, such as air tube respirators used by professional firefighters, masks with special air lines, and escape breathing devices.

It is produced in accordance with EN 136 standard. It bears the CE mark.
It can be used with all Scott Safety breathing sets and product lines.
If it will be used with the Scott Propak series, it will be produced in accordance with EN 137:2002 Class II document.
If it will be used with Scott AS1716 overhead line systems, it will be produced in accordance with EN 139 document.

VISION 3 provides the user with a high level of comfort and visibility.
The SCOTT Vision 3 full-face mask is available in 4 sizes to fit wide face shapes and sizes, and has a head strap option.
The outer casing, which is prepared with liquid silicone injection, provides adaptability and comfort to the head.
Rubber and mesh head strap options are available.
Ring-shaped visor provides excellent visibility.
The full face mask has positive pressure. The outer mask is made of liquid silicone rubber material, which provides double-sided sealing, and the inner mask is made of EDME material.
The visor of the mask has a multi-fold and flame retardant coating. It is made of scratch and impact resistant polycarbonate.
The visor is held in place with U-shaped flaps.
While using the mask, the person can use the product with glasses without losing its sealing feature.
The full-face mask has five-point adjustable neoprene head straps. In addition, two-point adjustable polyester or Kevlar TM mesh models are available.
On the left side of the Full Face Mask there is a bayonet connection for the lung machine entry.
Optionally, a communication kit can be attached to the right-hand port of the mask. The diaphragm mounted on the front of the mask provides seamless communication. There is also a low resistance exhalation valve that allows normal breathing without additional effort.
The full face mask is designed to minimize the risk of cross contamination in the secondary regulator, thanks to its separated exhalation and inhalation parts.