In the police uniforms category, you will find the best quality police uniforms on the market. Our police uniforms are robust and comfortable for riots. It’s called Robocop or riot control, it includes pants, jacket, boots, visor helmet, baton, and police shield. All plastic parts are flame retardant for your safety. Thanks to the adjustable straps, the Velcro strips, and the buckles, all the components of this outfit can be adjusted according to the morphologies to offer irreproachable comfort to the user.

The helmet with a visor has an adjustable strap, which is used to adjust it according to your size so that it remains immobile during the riots. We add reinforcements to the outer shell of the helmet for total safety. It is unbreakable and flame-retardant. As with the other pieces of this police uniform, it effectively protects the head area of ​​the policeman from impact, thanks to its shock absorption function. We have taken into consideration the blows of metal and stones that can fall on your head.

Besides the designs that we made for more than 40 years, for our previous customers, we can make clothes just for you. Contact us to make your order. Our professionals have experience in custom-made products, and countries from all over the world have put their trust in Raff Military Textile for years. Countries from Africa, Asia, America, and Europe have put us in charge of their police uniforms. All our products are submitted to the international health requirements and the preferences of your country.


Our police uniforms generally consist of a jacket, trousers, a cap, a belt, a sweater, and shoes. They are made of antibacterial fabrics which protect you from bacteria and skin irritation and save you the time and energy of the cleaning process. Thanks to nanotechnology, this uniform is self-cleaning. This uniform dries with these breathable garments that shed the sweat that builds up throughout the day. Your body will stay cool and fresh during all your missions. This outfit effectively resists cuts, tears, and wear. Use it however you want and in all weather conditions. It will insulate you from the cold and heat of your environment.

It is incredible to allow you maximum freedom of movement. You can attach all the gun holsters, batons, ammunition, and other police gear you’ll need without worrying about weight.


We use a combination of polyester and cotton depending on the type of this outfit. T-shirts are 100% cotton while the jackets and coats are 100% polyester. It can change according to your preferences and the weather in your country.


Blue is the color generally used by the police to establish mutual trust. You might find all shades of blue according to your police branch.


To maintain these clothes and extend their lifespan, we will give you some easy and simple tips:

  • Be consistent in your maintenance routine: to represent the body of the police well, you must always put on a clean and neat outfit, that’s why you should wash your uniform regularly. Try to clean it regularly by following the instructions in the guide that we give with our police uniform.
  • Firstly, separate your police uniform from other clothes to avoid any transfer of colors or odors. Try to clean your suit apart from your normal clothes because it can influence its color or the properties of its fabric. Then, check the pockets, they should not contain ammunition or pens that may be damaged. You don’t want to cause any colors to fade or discolor your uniform.
  • Always use a mild, fragrant detergent that cleans, disinfects, and neutralizes bad smells. Your day as a police officer requires you to patrol dirty areas and investigate places where there is blood and other fluids. Avoid strong detergents and bleach, so as not to damage the fibers of your police uniform.


Other than these police uniform models, we can make a special police uniform for you. You can choose all the specifications of your uniform, namely the design, the materials, the fabrics, and the colors. Our professionals will adapt the design and production process according to your needs. You can handle the shipping process or we can take it in charge in exchange for additional fees. We have no restrictions related to countries we export to, only the quantity of products that matters, we are a wholesaler, so the minimum is 300 pieces.

We have worked with more than 60 countries around the world, that’s why we master the designing and the production process, and we guarantee you flawless products. Contact us for more information about our police uniforms and make your customized order now! Our customer service is always available for all your questions.