Spend your nights smoothly and comfortably! These military cots are easy to assemble and transport. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will certainly find this bed practical. Maintenance is also simple since the materials used are all resistant to corrosion and dirt. Our military cot comes with a bag to protect it and facilitate its mobility. With shoulder straps, you can take it with you anywhere. It won’t either bother your backpack or add extra weight to your back. No extra stress on your spine or your joints!

In this category, you will find different types of military cots. Enjoy your hikes and camping to the fullest with these high-quality cots. They offer you a height from the ground to protect you from the cold weather during the night. At Raff Military Textile, we use premium aluminum for the lying surface to make it strong and can support all sizes. All in one product! This military cot is perfect for camping, rock climbing, beach vacations, and even when you have unexpected guests. It’s practical because you can fold and unfold it easily. The best camping equipment ever, don’t think about the heavy backpack anymore, Raff Military Textile knows that you don’t feel any extra weight.


Thanks to the good quality materials that we use, you will not feel the weight of this military cot. You can comfortably go on excursions or hikes, just put it on your shoulder and adjust the attachments. It has an easy folding system, and the assembly and the disassembly take just a few minutes. No experience is required, put the sticks in their places and that’s it! No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced person, you can use it easily. This cot is soft to the touch. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on your bed, making it an ideal alternative when spending the night outside. Especially since we don’t use a lateral bar. The aluminum poles are strong and do not move. Whatever your sleep habits are, stay relieved, this military cot will give you the rest you’ve always dreamed of. It is perfect for all body types and weights.


The canvas is made from Cordura fabric. This material provides the bed with high abrasion resistance, increased robustness, and impermeability to water and odor. Your military cot will always be dry in the rain and snow, as well as if you drop coffee or a glass of water. Furthermore, this military cot allows you to expel all of the sweat that has accumulated during your long hours of sleep. Cordura is a highly breathable fabric, so there will be no unpleasant odors. Aluminum is used to make the sticks. As a result, they are waterproof, tough, and long-lasting. This military cot’s poles can support heavy bodies for extended periods.


In this category, you will find military cots in blue and olive. You can select the color or even the camouflage pattern that matches the requirements of your country.


Because this military cot is made of Cordura and aluminum, it must be washed separately. It’s easy with canvas! To avoid damaging the fiber, wash it in a gentle detergent in your washing machine. For the poles, you must follow these steps:
Firstly, wipe the difficult stains with alcohol until the military cot is clean. Then wipe the surface with a microfiber towel with water. To remove excess water, use a dry towel. You don’t need a dryer! To keep the bed in good condition for a long time, you can wipe the steel with a cloth towel and a spoonful of olive oil. This solution, if applied regularly, protects against stains and covers scratches that appear with use.


If you still have questions about our military cots, don’t hesitate to send us a message through social media or give us a call. We have been working in this field for more than 40 years, with different organizations, all over the world. That made us an expert in all related products, including camping equipment. Stop wasting your time and money on other suppliers, and trust Raff Military Textile, a reputable and notable military company. We offer products that comply with international health requirements and the specifications of each customer. Each country has its own rules, even in a single country, each branch of the military has its code of conduct. That’s why we have a customization option. Our mission is to help you work in better conditions, no matter where you are, and which branch you’re working for.