In the military gloves category, you will find the best quality military gloves on the market. Let us place our hands on our hearts; our hands are our one-of-a-kind tools, which we must take care of. We won’t be able to function without them. That’s why gloves have gained respect through the years because the gloves provide the best protection for the hands from injury and the cold. The gloves are worn at work, outside in the cold, while exercising, etc. Military gloves are an essential piece of military equipment.


Our military gloves are among the best in terms of work and protective gloves. Military gloves have become a globally recognized term due to their uncompromising quality and innovative design, and they are used by the military, security forces, and police. Our military gloves are ideal for police officers, soldiers, and shooters. They can also be used as work gloves by craftspeople. They are made of high-quality materials that do not wrinkle or tear easily. They are extremely strong and can withstand anything. The gloves are also touchscreen compatible, so the user does not need to remove them to use devices like cell phones or tablets.


Tactical gloves are the perfect choice for anyone looking for universal military gloves that allow for maximum finger feel when handling a weapon while also providing high protection. The inner side of the gloves is made of long-lasting mesh fabric that is breathable and comfortable even after extended use. The outer space of the palm has been improved with an anti-slip pattern, ensuring that the weapon’s grip is stable. Our tactical gloves are held together with a removable hook and loop fastener. The gloves are finished with a small loop that allows you to attach the gloves to a carabiner or a variety of other pieces of equipment.

The fabric around the thumb has a microfiber patch, which allows you to easily clean your shooting glasses or wipe sweat from your brow. The middle finger is made of a material that is compatible with touchscreens, allowing you to control touch devices without having to remove your gloves all the time. The outer side of the tactical gloves in the finger area is divided into several sections, making it much easier and more comfortable to bend the fingers. Our tactical gloves are ideal not only for shooting enthusiasts but also for professionals.


Half-finger military gloves are the most common type of protective military gloves. They’re perfect for hot weather. They can withstand harsh conditions and heavy tasks, allow for simple weapon handling, and are versatile enough for daily use. The artificial leather and anti-slip pattern on the inside of the gloves provide a secure grip. The knuckle reinforcement provides excellent protection. There is a fabric that absorbs sweat well on the outside of the thumb, so you have a kind of sweatband to wipe sweat from your forehead.


Leather military gloves with a plastic protector will provide more protection for your hands. The leather is strong enough to protect the hand from scratches, burns, and other injuries. The protection is enhanced further by a plastic reinforcement that protects the back of the hand joints as well as the joints of the fingers except for the index finger. You will appreciate the security, especially if you are forced to break a window or appease the enemy.

The leather gloves can be adjusted to meet the individual user’s needs. The gloves’ wrists have a tightening rubber that ensures the glove fits snugly on the hand. Furthermore, a Velcro fastener on the back of the hand allows you to perfectly secure the gloves in place. The goatskin used to make the gloves is not only durable, but it also keeps your hands warm in the winter. Because the leather gloves are primarily intended for tactical operations, they can be worn all year.


Raff Military Textile is dedicated to providing a wide range of military gloves for both professional and recreational use, including tactical gloves, half-finger gloves, leather gloves, etc. Raff Military Textile dominates the military equipment market. Our product line is made of high-quality materials and follows all international regulations.

Because of the customization option, you can customize everything, including the design, materials, color, camouflage pattern, and mode of transportation. Our designing and manufacturing processes are both adaptable to your specifications and wishes.

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