SOME PIECES OF THE MILITARY CLOTHINGOne might think that you cannot find a variety of accessories for the army troops, but the truth is that the military clothing has a huge range of accessories that complement the military uniform. The military clothing has a lot of categories of accessories, one of the most important pieces of military clothing is military armor, they come in different sizes that besides protecting the soldier (or any member of the force) will help him camouflage himself in the foliage that surrounds them or to stay safe in the darkness.

Another category for military clothing is bulletproof vests, they are one of the most used items of military clothing and can come in different colors and materials, there are other types of vests and they come in neon colors but don’t get confused, those neon vests are not military clothing they are used by traffic police or when the soldiers are in a checkpoint, but, these colors are useful to make a person stands out and avoid accidents.

Going back to military clothing, there is a category of military armor were body armors are found, in to contrast bullet vests, they protect most parts of the body and its fabrication has to be made with special fabrics as Cordura®, also polyester and cotton are used to cover the outside of this military clothing piece while the inside contains panels made with ceramic-like materials that protect the body. The military clothing or army clothing has to be the best, the armor used by the soldiers of the military forces of each country, have to be made with the highest quality standards, because their work as our protector is really so important, a task that not anyone can do and that is why governments should give them only the best military clothing.

Everyday scientific from the army, are developing new fabrics to manufacture the best military uniforms, some of these quality fabrics are CoolMAX® which allows military uniforms and army uniforms to keep soldiers comfortable and cool, the main characteristic of this fabric is that is breathable and made of polyester, this helps to prevent the skin from getting blisters and makes it perfect for use in the interior of any military uniform or military accessory. Cordura® makes all military uniform or army uniform garments strong and durable, as it is made of polyester just as CoolMAX® is but this fabric is combined with PVC which creates fabrics (for military uniforms) that are tear-proof and heat-resistant, and last but not least we have Gore-Tex® is the main fabric used to create the bulletproof vests that are worn on top of the military uniforms, one of its characteristics is that it helps the absorption of body heat and is non-sticky.