Police uniforms, official police uniforms, police coats and police vests are also available at Raff Military Textile. Police equipment and uniforms must be produced in accordance with the regulations and must be used with good equipment. This is really important both in terms of health and durability of the products.

Although there are many different companies that produce police uniforms and other police equipment, few companies produce police uniforms using high-quality materials. Raff Military Textile is one of the most trusted companies. In addition to the need for a wide variety of options, it is also extremely important that products are produced according to health and safety criteria.

Durability and quality are really important in police clothing. Police raincoats are made using polyester, police warning vests are made in many different colors. Raff Military Textile is one of the most successful companies in the production of police uniforms and the sale of all these high quality and safe products. Non-plant-fiber, almost made of pure cellulose, is usually transformed into yarn that is woven to make fabrics.

Cotton is the most produced natural fiber in the world, mainly in China and India. Since the nineteenth century, thanks to progress in industrialization and agronomy, it has been the world’s leading textile fiber (almost half of the world’s textile fiber consumption). These clothes are also made of polyester. All police clothing designed with high quality materials. With Raff Military Textile, you can design and adapt products to the specifications of your choice.