In this section, you’ll find all the police boots and police shoes made by Raff Military Textile in light and breathable materials, in sizes from 37 to 47. With Raff Military Textile, you can design and adapt products to the specifications of your choice. As a manufacturer of police boots and police shoes, our products comply with international quality standards, technical specifications, and customer requests. Raff Military Textile continuously improves its quality and management system through the evolution of this industry and registers it with the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System. We also have an ISO 10002: 2014 Customer Satisfaction Certificate proving the quality and level of our relations with customers.

Our company, which provides services according to the principles of “better service, better quality, better price and speed of delivery in the military textile sector”, has become the most notable military textile company in the world and it is known as a manufacturer of military and police equipment using nanotechnology and similar advanced technologies. All our police boots and police shoes are sturdy, comfortable, and long-lasting. Choose the specifications of your pair and we’ll make you the best custom-made police shoes. We have police shoes reserved for all genders. They are perfect for training, office work as well as ceremonies, and official events. Move comfortably with our police boots and shoes, walk for long hours, run to capture your suspect, and go to investigations without any problem.


We have long and short upper police boots depending on the degree of protection desired and classy and elegant oxfords and pump shoes for your ceremonies. We use round laces, and/or zippers on the inner sides to properly adjust the police shoes according to your size. But of course, it depends on the model and the function, the most important feature is that it is easy to put them on and take them off. To prevent slipping on surfaces filled with water or blood, our police boots have non-slip soles. You can investigate the crime scene comfortably with these police boots. The injection molding makes it possible to obtain complex shoe shapes, in large quantities and with superior quality.

The most important advantage is its lightness and high resistance. Whatever the police shoes or boots you need, thanks to this technology, we can make it in no time and high caliber. Our police shoes share the weight of your body over the entire foot and reduce the impact of shocks that may arise during operations. These police shoes provide the best possible ventilation for your feet. They get rid of sweat and isolate your feet from the outside climate, so you won’t feel the humidity anymore. Your feet will always stay fresh and dry. If you experience problems with your feet, while walking or while practicing a particular physical activity, you have come to the right place! Raff Military Textile produces police shoes and police boots with orthopedic insoles that correct all imbalances in the feet, back, and even knees. No back pain anymore!


To give you a breathable, durable, and resistant pair of police shoes, we use cowhide leather. Our police shoes are practical for all kinds of climates, they balance the temperature inside the shoe and insulate your feet from the outside weather. We guarantee that they keep your feet cool and dry. This material makes cleaning easier and simpler. You can maintain your police shoes and boots with a few steps.


All police shoes in this category are black. However, you can select the color of your choice.


It is required to clean police shoes regularly to keep using them for a long time and preserve the quality of the materials. That’s why we recommend allocating a set of tools, such as a cotton cloth that you are no longer going to use, shoe polish, and cotton. Use a horsehair brush to remove any excess dirt from the surface of your police shoes. Don’t forget the seams and folds. Then run a damp cloth to clean the dirt from the crevices if they are not brushed, and let them dry completely. For waxing, a thin, light coat is essential at first. A minute later, you can completely polish them.

Apart from cleaning, when talking about police shoes, you should also pay attention to water. The latter can cause multiple damages such as cracks and breaks that damage the leather surface and shorten the life of your shoes. Hence the importance of using special products. We recommend silicone spray and acrylic polymer spray which resist the penetration of water molecules, using a flexible coating that protects the fibers of the leather from the rain. However, please do not overdo it so as not to cause the leather to dry out.


The police shoes and police boots that we listed in this category are the models ordered by our previous customers. If you have a particular design in mind, let us know all the specifications and our experts will produce a sturdy, comfortable pair of shoes that meets your expectations. Choose the design, materials, fabrics, and colors of your police shoes and police boots.