In the military ceremony suit category, you will find all the military ceremony suit designs and ceremonial accessories that Raff Military Textile has available. We pay special attention to these military ceremony suits as they have to be suitable for special military events. Military events are among the main activities you will attend as a soldier during your service.

The military ceremony suit should be worn at official events and military parades. These celebrations are also used to demonstrate to young civilians how much we appreciate and recognize the sacrifices that army members make for their communities. Such occasions encourage new generations to join the army. These kinds of activities make soldiers proud to be a part of their unit.

Due to the importance of these events and the meaning they hold, every army organization has a set of instructions and guidelines for every item on the clothing. Clothes and accessories are all determined and fixed by a competent person. That’s why you need an experienced supplier like us to guarantee a flawless, good quality, and durable military ceremony suit.


Choose a military ceremony suit that meets the needs of your country. You have complete control over the design of this uniform, its materials and fabrics, its color, and the insignia you want to include. The number of Velcro straps required is determined by the number of badges and patches to be worn. Each country has its military ceremony suit, and even within the same country, some units do not wear the same suit. Soldiers typically wear pants, a shirt, a jacket, a hat or beret, a tie, a belt, shoes, and accessories. Epaulets, lanyards, and insignia are the most well-known accessories.


We used wool and polyester for this military ceremony suit. This latter is well-known for its high abrasion and wrinkle resistance. It’s so light that you won’t notice it on your skin. You don’t need to iron or use any special products to keep this material looking good.

Wool protects its wearer from various weather conditions. You can wear this ceremony suit in both cold and hot weather. This material moves with your body, giving you more freedom regardless of your body shape. We use gold buttons made of copper and zinc to keep their color shiny for a long time and to prevent corrosion.


Black, white, and gray are the most requested colors. However, we can customize your ceremony suits according to your needs. In this category, you’ll find the military ceremony suits that we made for our previous customers.


It depends on your country and your army branch. In general, we have different insignia, each one has a purpose. Epaulets, for example, are used just as decoration, while badges and patches indicate the hierarchy level you belong to, the achievements you made, and the training you received. In significant events like this, you need to identify soldiers easily. The treatment of every rank is different, the salute changes from an ordinary soldier to an officer, to a commander. Therefore, it is important to master the difference between the various types of military insignia.


Soldiers’ funerals for members who have died in combat and other national memorials are the principal occasions where you can put on this suit. Regardless of their scale, soldiers must be well prepared to represent the army perfectly. By memorials, we refer to national days organized by States in memory of the victims of past wars. We can give the example of March 19, 1962, which marked the end of the fight between Algeria and France, or November 11, 1918, the popular day of the temporary cessation of fire in the First World War. It is especially celebrated by members of the allies, namely France, Belgium, and Canada.

This military ceremony uniform reflects the sense of belonging to a brave and disciplined body within the army, characterized by a set of achievements but also wounds, losses, and failures. The design, colors, and insignia of this uniform perfectly sum up the life of the members of this unit. The salute of the flag and the parade are among the key activities of military celebrations. Hence the importance of wearing refined, elegant, and good-quality uniforms. We invite you to take a look at our unique collection of military ceremony suits.


We invite you to consider our options if you are looking for a military ceremony suit that is practical, functional, and long-lasting. For more information on the military ceremony suits shown here, please contact us via social media or WhatsApp. Our customer service will provide you with any information you require.