We offer you a wide range of officer uniforms, for all army branches. Organize, plan and give orders to your subordinates, with all confidence in this officer uniform. We make distinguishable clothes, with more embroidery and bright colors, to suit your rank. According to the requirements of the customer, we customize this officer uniform to match the design, color, and materials. This light officer uniform allows you to move at ease and in freedom thanks to the fabrics used. We choose a fabric whose weight doesn’t go beyond 300 grams per cubic meter, so you don’t feel any pressure when you are doing your physical activities. As an officer, we are aware of the importance of being around, following our subordinates, and organizing our units, that’s why we pay attention to every step in the production process.

You can select the model you want in this list, or communicate with us your requirements. Thanks to our experience in this industry, we can guarantee you a good quality officer uniform that matches exactly your needs. We can adapt the whole process to your preferences. You can attach any military epaulet or badge, allowing officers to easily distinguish themselves by their ranks and in the operations in which they participated. You can also choose the details of these military accessories according to your country. When buying our officer uniforms, you won’t have to worry about any bacteria or dirt. These antibacterial clothes avoid the spread of bacteria that can cause skin irritation and make the cleaning process easier. A normal cycle in the washing machine is enough to make your uniform look as new as you just bought. Thanks to this technology, you’ll gain more time and energy.



Our officer uniforms are made of wool and polyester, which can insulate your body from the outside weather conditions. Whether you’re working in hot areas or cold areas, it works perfectly. The polyester gives the uniform the flexibility needed to follow your movements. And that’s a very important matter for soldiers, they need to go around different places and do different tasks, which requires freedom of movement. It is also resistant to abrasion and wrinkles, who likes ironing? I bet no one buys these officer uniforms for your officers and forget about this hassle.


As we said, we mix both wool and polyester, based on the climate. In African countries for example, where warm temperatures prevail, we don’t use a lot of polyesters. All our materials are antibacterial for simple and easy maintenance. You don’t have to make a huge effort to look elegant in your uniform. The buttons of these officer uniforms are made from copper and zinc, a golden brass that increases their lifespan and their corrosion resistance. Stay elegant and chic with these easily maintained clothes. Apply some toothpaste or water with soap regularly, and you will see that it will look shiny again.

We can make these officer uniforms in the color that suits you, according to your army requirements. We have in this category, all the officer uniforms we made for our previous customers, in grenadine red, green, white, and gray. We use exactly the color degree decided by your general staff.


There is a difference between clothes designed for soldiers and those for officers, who are here to supervise and guide the other army members. For training and fighting, both have the same uniforms, with solid colors or camouflage patterns. However, they don’t put on the same ceremonial outfit. Soldiers have more sophisticated and elegant suits, with more decorations, in gold or silver color. These decorations help in identifying the rank of everyone, and the hierarchy in the army.

Choose the specifications of the officer uniform you need, including the design, the decoration, the lanyard, and the colors, and we’ll take care of the rest. Every detail can be customized. For the shipping, we can provide this service in exchange for additional fees, or you can arrange it with the transportation company you want.


If you still have questions about our officer uniforms, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our customer service is always at your service, in various languages. You can send a message or make a call, and we’ll give you all the information you need to complete your order. Don’t waste your time looking around for a military clothes provider, Raff Military Textile is a reputable and global company, that is known for its military products, all over the world. We offer you a wide range of officer uniforms, to satisfy all your needs, no matter where you are.