In this category, we have two types of military water bottles, one is made of plastic and the other one is made with aluminum. To protect it from external shocks, we added a cover from a robust and resistant fabric. Both materials comply with international requirements, to avoid any health problems, such as poisoning or chemical interactions. Keep your body hydrated all the time, and be ready to fulfill your duties in good shape.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have another design in mind. Our specialty is making customized products for the army, so, our experts can produce any type of military water bottle your army needs. Our military water bottle is perfect for your training, your family camps, and your beach trips, due to the quality of the material used, it is convenient for any geographical area, and resistant to heat and corrosion.

Our mission is to keep you hydrated throughout the whole day. We know that you have multiple physical activities to do and you’ll need water or any other liquid to stay in good shape, that’s why we offer you the best military water bottles you can find in the market, at reasonable prices. We have worked with different army branches, from different countries, and they were all satisfied with the quality and the customer service we provide. Our customer service ensures you are accompanied from the beginning to the end of your journey with our company, in the most spoken languages in the world.


We have plastic and aluminum military water bottles, in olive green and gray, with a polyester cap and a nylon cover. This last is resistant to friction and falls, which are inevitable during training and camping but don’t worry, our military water bottle has a strong endurance against such risks. It is also waterproof to block water from entering the liquid inside your bottle.

The first one is made with polyurethane, which is the only type of plastic known for its high resistance to heat and wear. No matter where you are going, this material can withstand extreme weather conditions. Polyurethane gives this military water bottle longevity so that you can use it for a long time, in your professional and personal life. This material is known for its flexibility, it can be tinted and forged into different shapes.

We use aluminum for the second military water bottle, it is the light and thermal conductor. Apart from corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, and durability, this military water bottle does not add weight to your backpack. And what differentiates it from the plastic bottle is its ability to be heated. If you have taken a hot drink or soup, you can heat it without any problems. The materials, as well as the colors, are according to your choice. We make custom military water bottles according to your requirements.


The plastic and the aluminum are both easily maintained, they don’t require a lot of effort or products. However, regular cleaning and sterilization are recommended to keep the military water bottle clean and useful for a long time. Bacteria builds up quickly inside your water bottle and around the cap, which can lead to bad health consequences, such as food poisoning or gastroenteritis. There are three methods to keep it clean, which are the following:

If you want to use the dishwasher, just unscrew the parts of the water bottle before placing it. Then, completely dry the water bottle to avoid a buildup of germs. You can also do it manually, to have access to the small corners, by using a small brush, warm water, and liquid detergent. Then, rinse the water bottle well and let it dry completely. For deep cleaning and to remove any unfavorable odors, you can use vinegar or baking soda. These two substances help in the effective disinfection and sterilization of the water bottle. For vinegar, fill the water bottle with equal amounts of water and vinegar. Stir the mixture well and let it soak overnight, then rinse it off with warm water the next day. As for the soda, do not put more than a teaspoon of baking soda and water in the bottle. Then, scrub the inside of the cap with this solution as well, leave it overnight, and then rinse it off with water the next morning.


If you still have any questions about our military water bottles, contact us via call or message us via our social media accounts. Our country representative is always here to answer your questions and to assist you until you make your order. Since we worked with more than 60 countries around the world, we acquired the expertise to adapt our design and production process to every customer.