In the military tent category, you will find the best quality military tents available on the market. The military tent is one of the most important pieces of camping equipment. It is impossible to stop in the middle of nature without a military tent. Military tents are an excellent solution for all types of military camps, trekking, hiking, or overnight stays when soldiers are required to spend the night outdoors. These tents are strong, practical, and lightweight, which offers you the best possible conditions to train or spend your holidays. Equip your army members with shelter against all climates. We try our best to protect you from wind, sand, snow, rain, and harsh sunlight.

Our experts try to make tents that are robust but at the same time light. We have been in the military industry for more than 40 years, which enables us to master the design and production process of tents and make changes according to the preferences of every customer. We can make military tents with solid colors or with camouflage patterns. They are easy to use, quick and easy to set up, and portable. Choose the most appropriate tent for your camping trip from the models we already have or communicate your specific preferences to us, and we will make sure to produce it. We create custom products to meet your specifications.


Our tents are resistant to heat and chemical products, so you won’t have to worry about any external shocks. It has an easy assembly system, and we provide you with a guidebook to help you use it even if you are a beginner. We’ve also created a YouTube video to show you exactly how to pitch a tent, which you can view on our YouTube channel. We’re using breathable materials to get rid of the humidity and sweat from the night. You won’t find a tent with a better ventilation system to keep you cool.


Polyester is used for the inner tent and the double roof. This material makes the tent weather-resistant in all conditions. Our military tent is made of the best materials for better ventilation and cleaning. You don’t have time to clean thoroughly while camping. Because we want you to spend less time cleaning, our military tent is simple to clean.


We have olive green, beige and desert tents. You can select the color that matches your country’s requirements the most.


We have made a video about the detailed assembly process of our military tents, here is a quick summary. Firstly, please take all the items out of the bag to check their condition and have them in hand. Make sure you take everything to avoid unnecessary inconveniences if you forget a pole or a peg. Then, start forming a barrier between the tent and the ground to avoid moisture, put the tarp on the ground first. The tarp should not extend beyond the bottom of the tent. This way, it stays clean and away from dust and mud. Put the bottom of the military tent on the tarp and start connecting the poles, and insert the poles you have formed in the appropriate flaps so that they give the X at the top. Pull on the corners to make sure the floor forms a square and the poles don’t move. And finally, pass the metal stakes through the eyelets in the corners and drive them into the ground. This step is important to secure the military tent to the ground and withstand strong winds.


Start by dismantling all the components of your tent. Use a detergent or alcohol to remove stubborn stains that have formed on the surface. Then fill your bathtub with warm water and add laundry detergent. Leave your military tent in this solution for 15-20 minutes. Turn it until you’re satisfied with the result and then rinse it with cold water several times until the water runs clear and clean. Hang it in a ventilated space but not under direct sunlight. Turn it over so that all parts dry.


For more information about our military tents, please contact us via WhatsApp or social media. Our customer service is always available and ready to provide all the help and assistance you need to make your order. We speak different languages to answer your questions wherever you are. We have been working for the military for a long time, that’s why we can guarantee you high-quality military tents, that suit your purpose and match your country’s requirements. No matter how specific and different they are, our production team can make it happen. We have worked for various branches of the army, from all over the world.