These military sweaters will keep you warm wherever you go. They are made from high-quality materials to help you enjoy all your outdoor activities, such as camping, training, or any other mission in cold areas. Choose from the various models we have displayed in this category or communicate with us your requirements. Our experts are committed to using high-caliber materials that guarantee comfort and softness at the same time. For stylish, comfortable, and reasonably priced military pullovers, contact Raff Military Textile. We have more than 40 years of experience in the military textile sector, our company guarantees you products that comply with international health requirements and the specifications of each customer.

During the cold seasons, you can wear this sweater to protect yourself from the wind and inconvenient weather conditions. Thanks to its modern cut and the materials used, our brave soldiers will not feel any discomfort or skin irritation even if they wear it directly on their bodies. We make sure that our pullover is perfect for all skins, no matter how sensitive you are, our sweaters will fit you and won’t cause any allergies. Apart from the soldiers, these sweaters can be used by private security agents. Put on this shirt or your safety uniform, for more comfort and thermal insulation. Even if you are a civilian, you can wear this sweater.


These military sweaters have a V-neck, long sleeves, ribbed hem, and cuffs to block the entry of air. For more protection, we add elbow and shoulder reinforcements, velcro straps to attach any military insignia, and a pocket on the arm to carry your pens.


We use cotton, polyester, and wool for our sweaters. The combination of materials depends on your preferences, we suggest some according to international standards, but we can always change. In addition to that, we add acrylic fiber for more flexibility. It makes the military sweater more comfortable. Then, it is easy to maintain since it does not crease. That is to say washing and drying quickly and no ironing. Yes, you heard it right! You can directly put on your military sweater without wasting your time or energy. Its insulating capacity is among the most appreciated advantages of this fiber. Acrylic has the same attribute as wool but at a lower cost. Therefore, it is an economical alternative to wool.


In this category, you will find dark blue, olive green, and black sweaters. You have the freedom to choose the color of your military sweater. As you well know, the fiber we use holds colors effectively. Enjoy a durable military sweater that does not fade easily!


In case you’ve exposed your military sweater to high heat and caused warping, you can fix it with a few simple tricks and with ingredients you all have at home. The first solution is to apply the iron on the inside and try to stretch your military pullover to the max. The second solution is the use of some natural lotions such as glycerin or white vinegar. In a container, put warm water with glycerin, let the military sweater rest for about twenty minutes, rinse with cold water and let dry on a hanger. For the white vinegar, it’s the same process but let it sit for about 12 hours and proceed with the rest as we mentioned before.


You can wash this military sweater manually or in the machine. Before putting your military sweater in the machine, check for stains. In this case, remove them with natural soap and leave them for an hour before rinsing them with cold water. For the washing machine, always use hot water with a temperature that does not exceed 30°. As always, we recommend a mild detergent so as not to damage these fibers. We are using antibacterial fabrics that can’t stand strong cleaning products. In the same way, use a dryer at a low temperature and hang it but avoid exposing it directly to heat sources which can deform it (sun rays, radiator…). As mentioned above, you do not need to iron your military sweater. So once dry, you can put it on. To extend the life of your military sweater and prevent the accumulation of bacteria, we advise you to store it in a specific bag and to put sprigs of lavender, thyme, or rosemary in your drawer.


For more information about military sweaters, contact us via our social media or WhatsApp. Our customer service speaks many different languages to answer the requests of customers from all over the world. We have worked with more than 60 countries, from different regions, which enabled us to master the design and production process and be able to make changes when necessary.