Discover our military sleeping bag collection, which was created in response to the needs of our previous customers. We can make any military sleeping bag you need that fits the environment of your camping as well as the camouflage pattern of your army thanks to our experience in military textiles. Our production team requires information about the design, the fabric of the lining and roof, and the colors, and we’ll handle the rest.

These sleeping bags are suitable for all climates and come in a variety of camouflage patterns. The type of military sleeping bag you will require is determined by the length of your camping trip and the location. Our military sleeping bags are soft and comfortable for both indoor and outdoor use. Enjoy your nights with military sleeping bags that are comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. We also provide you with a bag to store it in and take it with you wherever you go.

Whether you’re going on a camping mission or a family trip, our military sleeping bag is still suitable to use inside a tent or directly under the sky. In this list, we have mummy bags, rectangular bags, and semi-rectangular bags. Choose according to your needs.


The duration of your camping and the climate of that area determine which military sleeping bag is the best. The mummy bag covers your body and keeps you warm the whole time. The rectangular bag gives you more freedom, so you can move in all directions, toss and turn around. And the semi-rectangular bag can follow the body shape and allows air circulation and body motion. If it is cold, we recommend using mummy bags that keep the temperature inside while if the area is hot, rectangular bags are better.

Some military sleeping bags have side openings and some have hoods to keep you warm during cold weather. Even on rainy days, you don’t have to worry, our sleeping bags are resistant to water and any other liquid penetrating the surface. Your sleeping bag will always be ready to use. Its low weight allows you to take it with you by car, public transportation, and even on your back while walking. It is easy to store in your backpack.


Polyamide is the material used to make these military sleeping bags. It increases abrasion resistance, tearing, and wear resistance. It is also flexible and elastic, allowing your body to move freely. The thermal insulation keeps you safe from the cold and heat of your surroundings, making it the best bed option at all times. Down is used for the lining because of its high insulation and compression capacity.


We do sleeping bags in blue, olive green, and different camouflage patterns. We do tailor-made products according to your preferences, so we can use the color you need.

We have rectangular, semi-rectangular, and mummy sleeping bags. Choose your bag based on the weather and climate of the camping area.


Maintaining sleeping bags is simple, but you still have to be careful not to damage the feathers inside your liner. You are free to use the method that suits you the most. Whether you’re more comfortable with manual or automatic washing, this bag withstands both. If you don’t have a large washing machine, go to a laundry service. Set the machine on a delicate cycle that does not exceed 30°. After cleaning, you must dry your military sleeping bag well. This step is very important as any remaining drop of water can cause unwanted moisture and odors. Our experts advise you to use your dryer if your machine is large. Get out your bag and break up any clumps that have formed in the down. Then hang it outdoors, avoiding direct sunlight.


Thanks to the experience we have accumulated over more than 40 years, we can guarantee you high-quality military sleeping bags at reasonable prices. The shipping doesn’t take time because of our geographical location. Choose the type of sleeping bag you feel comfortable using, we have a mummy bag that covers all of your body and keeps you warm better, a rectangular bag that gives more freedom to the body to move in all directions, tossing and turning around. And a semi-rectangular bag that allows air circulation and body motion. We worked for more than 60 countries all over the world, under different requirements, which made us experts in custom products in the military industry. If you still have questions about our military sleeping bags, our customer service is always at your service. Do not hesitate to contact us on our social media accounts or via WhatsApp.