In this category, you will find a variety of military hats in solid colors and with camouflage patterns. If you don’t find the hat that suits you better, we can make one just for you. We have been producing military hats for over 40 years, for different army branches, according to the international health requirements and the specifications of every customer. Our mission is to protect you from the offensive UV rays during your outdoor activities, so you can avoid headaches, fever, sunburns, and fading with our high-quality military hats. You can also attach some insignia to identify yourself among your colleagues and superiors. Focus on your training without being bothered by the sun with our military hats.

These hats are easy to put on, with the adjustment tape. No matter the size of your head, this hat will fit you perfectly. The materials we use guarantee the evacuation of sweat. Walk, run and perform all your outdoor activities in total comfort. You can use them as long as you want, the color won’t fade and the fabric won’t shrink. You can use them during your service or in your personal life. They are perfect for family hikes, running errands, or a sunny day at the beach. The design and the colors are always trendy and easily combined with your daily outfits. We make light Mooney-style hats, to make it easy for you to fold and store in your pocket or your backpack.


We have berets, caps, and fishing hats. The type and style of head covering you need are up to you. We are a custom-made company that guarantees you a good quality military hat, that is soft to the touch and doesn’t require a lot to maintain. They are also easy to carry around, thanks to their lightweight. This later can’t exceed 50 grams.


We use wool and cotton to make military hats. The choice of these materials is solely related to their benefits. They prevent you from any kind of allergies or skin irritation. You don’t have to worry about sweat anymore, they are known for their breathability and ability to absorb moisture perfectly, and keep you dry in any weather. Cotton and wool insulate your body from the external climate, and make the passage of air difficult. We also use polyester or leather according to your needs.


The color of your hat depends on the occasion you intend to use it for, as well as the color of the outfit. If it’s for a fight or training, it’s usually with a camouflage pattern that goes with your military outfit. Whereas if it is for ceremonies, it should be in solid color.


How to wear the military hat depends on when and where you are going to put it. We will start with times when you can’t use it. The military hat must be worn outdoors when military personnel are in uniform. We can mention for example the theater and the covered walkways. Subway stations and airport terminals can be considered indoor or outdoor locations depending on each person. When you put on the military hat and someone salutes you, or you see an officer of a higher rank, you must salute him. At funerals, if you attend in uniform, you must always wear your military hat. Salutations should be pronounced during the following procedures: when moving the coffin, when lowering the coffin into the grave, and when firing.

While on the occasions below, you shouldn’t put it. It is forbidden to use the military hat in so-called indoor places, such as offices, corridors, canteens, halls, kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, and residences. In military aircraft, when flying on a military flight, although it is considered outdoors, the hat cannot be worn for safety reasons. There is a potential threat of the cap slipping and being sucked into the engine which could lead to a problem. At the funeral of one of the members of the military, if you attend in civilian clothes, the military hat cannot be worn. If you are wearing a civilian hat at a funeral, it is appropriate to remove your hat and place it over your heart.


Thanks to our experience in the military industry, we can make any military hat that you need, no matter the design or the materials. Our experts have worked for military organizations from all over the world, from different branches, so they can adapt the design and production process to the requirements of each customer. Select the model and the color that you want, and we’ll make it happen. For the shipping, you can select the option that suits you better. Either you take it in charge with a service provider of your choice or we’ll do that in exchange for additional fees. If you have any questions about military hats, don’t hesitate to contact us, our customer service speaks different languages to answer all your requests.