In this category, you’ll find all the military camping equipment the army members need to accomplish their tasks. Because it is crucial in the life of every soldier, we make sure to use the best materials and comply with international standards. We provide your soldiers with the appropriate military camping equipment to get better sleeping and decent conditions. No matter how the weather is in that area, you don’t have to worry, because our military camping equipment was produced to protect you from heat, cold, and rain.

With Raff Military Textile, everyone has a chance to enjoy their camping, we have military camping equipment for professionals, novice soldiers, and also outdoor activities lovers. We produce this equipment according to the latest technologies to make the camping experience less difficult for you, so you can focus on your training or fighting. Our cots and tents are easy to connect and move. Every military camping equipment can be customized, we just need the requirements of your country or your army branch and our experts will proceed. Thanks to our experience in this industry, we’ve accumulated know-how that allows us to adapt our design and production process to every customer’s specifications.


At Raff Military Textile, we’re aware of the importance of camping in the life of soldiers, that’s why we have all the military camping equipment you might need. For more convenience, you can adapt them to your needs. The first piece of equipment that comes to mind when talking about military camping equipment is a tent. Military tents are waterproof, wear and friction resistant, and last longing, in solid colors or with camouflage patterns. Our tents come in different sizes according to how many people will use them. These tents blend in the camping zone and hide you from the eye of the enemy.

They should be in the same color or camouflage as your military uniform and other equipment. The tent is necessary but not enough to give you the suitable conditions you need to sleep comfortably. That’s why you need a military cot or a mat without a crossbar, robust and practical to avoid any back problems. This design has satisfied many armies we worked with because of the support it gives to your back, and the space to turn in all directions. To add more warmth to your nights, we recommend checking our woolen blankets. This is an important item in camping, it blocks the cold and maintains the normal body temperature.

Raff Military Textile also offers hydration equipment to keep you healthy. Training and all the other physical activities that soldiers have to do, daily, require a healthy body, that’s why we are producing military water bottles in different materials, namely plastic and metal to help stay hydrated the whole day. The size depends on what you need, the duration of your hike for example. The choice of material should also be thoughtful, the plastic we use is ecological, so you can use it with ease, while the metal is more for hot drinks. You can heat it without being afraid of the melting of the material or the poisoning of the drink.

To have full energy, you need to eat properly during your camping, you can check our food container. If you want to take with you your supplements and all the ingredients you need to stay active and lively, we have a sturdy metal container that resists heat and corrosion. We choose a material you can maintain and move around easily. Military tents, military cots, food containers, and water bottles are all customized, according to your destination and the camouflage pattern your army is using.


This military camping equipment is made with the army in mind, that’s why the design and the materials are practical and resistant to extreme weather conditions. It is also the same reason behind the increased demand for this equipment by civilians and outdoor activities lovers. So yes, you can use them also for personal purposes in your daily life. Hiking, camping with family, cycling, fishing, and hunting are all sports that need special equipment, to resist impact, tearing, and abrasion, and you won’t find better than military camping equipment. Our military camping equipment is convenient, durable, and strong. You can use them for professional and personal purposes.


If you still have questions about our military camping equipment, we invite you to contact us, through social media or to give us a call. We are ready to answer all your questions and provide the necessary assistance, anytime. Our products comply with international requirements and can be adapted to customer preferences.