Adjust your pants with these strong, soft, and lightweight military belts. At Raff Military Textile, you can enjoy comfort and freedom of movement during all your physical activities. Thanks to military bandoliers and military belts, you will easily carry your carabiners, your pistol and ammunition holders, your radio, and any other military equipment necessary for the accomplishment of your missions. Whether your job is in the infantry, air force, or navy, you are going to find the right military belt for you, in terms of color, design, and camouflage pattern.

When equipping your army, don’t forget to purchase this accessory. They are necessary to properly tie your pants and comfortably lead your life as a soldier. Participating in training, moving military equipment, and going into battle requires a practical and neat uniform. And that is exactly the function of the military belt. This military belt gives you a modern and timeless look, you can put it with your military uniform, your formal wear, and your jeans or suits when you are on vacation. Stand out in your military branch and stay elegant and refined. You can put it on every day, it is wear and abrasion resistant as you can use it occasionally during official events or ceremonies. The length of our military belts varies according to customer specifications, we can manufacture S, M, L…



We use leather, nylon, and polyester for the strap while the buckle is made of plastic or metal. Leather gives you freedom of movement and maximum flexibility to perform all your physical activities. It doesn’t also require deep or complex cleaning. Nylon wicks away sweat and moisture and gives you a great feeling. For the buckle, you can choose strong, durable, and effective metal or lightweight plastic that is practical and perfect for airport travel.


It depends on the use you are going to make of it. On our website, you can find military belts with quick-release, automatic, and double-barb closures. The metal closure effectively resists corrosion and water. You can, therefore, train normally when it rains. This military belt will always stay clean and in good condition. Every closure is suited for particular occasions and circumstances. You have the freedom to choose the closure that suits your military belt the most. Whether you are looking for practicality or longevity, Raff Military Textile offers you a range of choices according to your needs. You can adjust your military belts easily and quickly, through the holes and the loops.


Buckles are available in metal or plastic. Wear this plastic buckle belt to travel without worry. Our metal buckle has been subjected to numerous endurance, cracking, cold, rupture, and deformation tests. It is unquestionably the best belt for tough work like that of a soldier. It’s also made of stainless steel. We add your logo to the buckle or strap of your military belt to make it unique. This heightens your sense of belonging to your unit or military corps. Wearing a branch-specific accessory promotes team spirit.


You will find leather military belts in white and black while nylon military belts are in khaki, beige, olive green, black, blue, white, and with camouflage patterns. As you can see on our website, we have deserts, forests, digital camouflage, and many more.


For our leather belt, take a damp cloth and clean the surface of any accumulated dust and dirt. Afterward, using mild soap, rub the stains well until they disappear. Use a damp towel to remove the soap residue and allow it to dry completely. If you want to strengthen the leather of your military belt, you can apply a little shoe polish suitable for this type of leather and let it dry.


The color of the buckle of your belt can lose its shine in time, that’s why we recommend putting it in a container filled with boiling water and baking soda for 30 minutes and cleaning it afterward with a dry cloth. Your buckle will shine as if you just got it.


In addition to these designs, you can choose all the details of your belt, including the materials, the length, the buckle type, the closure system, and the color. For the shipping, you have two options, either we take care of that, in exchange for additional fees, or you can manage it with the service provider you prefer. If you still have questions about our military belts, contact us via social media. Our customer service is always at your service, in all languages. Thanks to our experience with different countries, we can guarantee good quality military belts that comply with international requirements, but also each country’s conditions.