We invite you to discover in this section any kind of military equipment and accessories that a soldier would need to practice his profession. Raff military textile offers a catalog of assault vests, tactical vests, shoulder bags, military gloves and sleeping bags available in Raff’s military fabric. Our company has experience in this sector and has been manufacturing high quality military equipment and accessories for a long time.

The military equipment and accessories that you can find here are: Assault vest, Operation vest and Military tactical vest which is an enhanced version of, and a replacement for, the older Outer Tactical Vest (OTV) variant of the Interceptor Body Armor, as fielded by the United States Army. The IOTV is compatible with the Deltoid and Auxiliary Protector System (DAPS) components, ESAPI (Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert), Enhanced Side Ballistic Inserts (ESBI), as well as the OTV’s groin protector.

The OTV design was considered insufficient and lacking in certain areas, which led to the IOTV’s development and fielding. The IOTV is currently produced by Point Blank Body Armor, BAE Systems,[1] KDH Defense Systems,[2] Protective Products Enterprises,[3] UNICOR and Creative Apparel Associates. The IOTV first saw action in combat with U.S. Army ground combat units in from mid-2007[4] onward and currently remains the standard body armor type used by regular U.S. Army ground combat With Raff Military Textile, you can design and adapt military equipment and accessories to the specifications of your choice.