In the Working clothes section, you’ll find raincoats, warning vests, work shoes, coveralls and overalls that will bring safety and comfort to your workplace.
With Raff Military Textile, you can design and adapt products to the specifications of your choice.
We have understood that the main objective of the workwear is to ensure better job security and to prevent possible accidents at work. This is why at Raff textile we are committed to providing high quality clothing. quality.
At raff you can visit our section for ‘specific clothes’ which has work uniforms, overalls, jackets and also a production under specifications according to your needs
A work jacket or work vest allows you to continue working comfortably in colder conditions. At raff we have a wide range of workwear like gardeners’ suits consisting of either 100% Cotton or Cotton-Polyester with a Zipped Pocket with Pockets at the Upper Side Pants and also comfortable rubber straps and also a size adjustable. We also have workwear that is made of 100% Cotton or Cotton-Polyester with a Hidden Zipper, Reflective Bands Enhancing Visibility and Cuffs with Sleeves and Back with Tire
Work clothes are not the same for every job. Some professions require long raincoats and some work requires the protective vest.