In the promotional textile section, you’ll find pilot suits, flight attendant suits, air coveralls, promotional t-shirts, advertising hats, and more. elegance.
With Raff Military Textile, you can design and adapt products to the specifications of your choice.
RAFF’s Product / Promotion models contain pilot suits, women’s uniforms, hats, etc.
The elegant appearance for the dress code of airlines is paramount.It is really important that the fabrics of these types of workwear and suits are made with high quality materials. For this reason, at home, we use polyviskon and polycotton in manufacturing. When we produce these clothes, we also use metal buttons or ceremonial accessories to enhance the elegance of clothing. Some accessories are always needed to increase the elegance of this type of clothing. For example, hats or ladies’ shoes often accompany these clothes. These clothes are produced in the best possible way and are put on sale in the most affordable way.