In the medical clothes section, you will find medical suits and accessories with high-quality fabrics made with polyviscose and polycottons. Raff Military Textile offers in this section, medical clothes, accessories and anti-slipper slippers in a numbering scheme of 38-45 sizes.

With Raff Military Textile you can design and adapt the products to the specifications you like. We present our section ‘medical clothes and products’. We have a selection of products for medical institutions. You are a company, whether you are a sme or firm your employees must have a good dress code that will present you in a very good image and at the same time that it is comfortable and endowed with a good quality, you always ask yourself or can you provide a quality medical clothes that meets the safety standards and will be up to it.

At work, your clothing has an impact on people’s perceptions of you, that’s why you need a correct dress code. Raff Military textile also operates with the institutional organizations and provides them with the necessary clothing. Our products are manufactured in all sizes and with many color options. Raff Military Textile always uses the best materials for each product. Our garments are produced with high quality fabrics such as polyiscis and polychotons. In addition, we also produce auxiliary accessories. Full slipper leather slippers are available (size 38-45). Medical clothes and accessories are made in the best way for both men and women.