In the fireman suits and equipment clothing section, you’ll find firefighter uniforms, fire helmets, rubber firemen’s boots, a fire- and flame-resistant hat, masks, filters, sets of breathing tubes, etc. Raff Military Textile manufactures fireman suits and equipment for a long time.

With Raff Military Textile, you can adapt fireman suits and equipment to the specifications of your choice. Firefighters are the occupational group most in need of the right work clothes. Because of their profession, they have to fight the flames of blow so job security is very important in their case. The easiest way to ensure job security is to have appropriate clothing for the profession. RAFF Military Textile, strives to produce fireman suits and equipment in the best possible way. If you need a bunker coat (flame retardant fabric for firefighters) and want to use this product from a trusted company and protect your health, you need to choose Raff Military Textile.

It is necessary to ensure that the product is of good quality when purchased. Raff Military Textile always uses the best materials to produce the bunker coat in the best possible way. But for the fireman, only a bunker coat is not enough. These people who are constantly fighting with flames also need many accessories. Rubber fire boots are one of the most important accessories for a firefighter. In addition, the firefighter’s helmet must also be provided. You can easily contact Raff Military Textile to get the best of all the necessary fireman suits and equipment’s.