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RAFF Military Textile

All designs and color choices of Military Clothing

All Military supplies are available according to technical specifications.



Firefighter Textile Groups

Fireproof/normal material Groups

According to Purpose by choice



Soldier Uniform - Military Clothes - Military Clothes -  Military Coat With Hat - Military Palaces - Police Clothes - Gendarmerie Clothes - Gendarmerie Pants – Police Coat - Police Ceremonial Clothes - Military Belt - Soldier Ceremony Clothes - Soldier Clothes We have been specially designed by our team according to our client's sample. We have concluded our shipment with.

Military Clothing - Military Materials - The materials used in the production of Military Apparel are produced with the first class material Raff Military Textile guarantee in accordance with the health.

Raff Police Clothes, Polis Coat - Police Handcuff - Police Ceremony Clothes - Police Training Clothe - Police Shirt - Police Clothes and Materials Police Robocop Clothing - Polis Coat, Police Reflective raincoat special sample works are completed.

Military Uniforms - Soldier Gloves - Soldier Palettes - Soldier Snow Clothing - Soldier Polar Clothes - Police Shirt - Soldier's Beret - Police Clothes and all our products have been completed with ISO 9001 Document guarantee.

Our RAFF MILITARY COMPANY is looking for the commercial workers for Africa continent. The interested friends can contact us via our e-mail address:
Good luck in advance.

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Military Apparel, Soldier Camouflage, Soldier Materials


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RaffTextile- Fabrics applying finishing process.

On our finishing department, we control the values we obtained in fixing part. We check weight of fabric gr/m2, warp-weft qaulity frequency, size control if they are appropriate with the contract.

Water proof, fireproof, anti bacterial, insect repellent, sweat absorbing specification can add on products.     

Raff Textile- Covering on fabrics

The most improtant process for obtaining resistance against bad air conditions is fabric covering. Fabric covering is applying according to the demand of buyers and have to be carefull that fabric do not lose breath taking.  We use water based acrylate and polyurethane and polymer for covering fabrics.

When creating fabrics construction, control and obey the specification given in contract.

We use high performence fabrics in military products. Technical specifications are water prof, windproof, beath taking, light, wrinkle free and strong.

Raff textile military textiles are producing for different using areas and different air conditions