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RAFF Military Textile

All designs and color choices of Military Clothing

All Military supplies are available according to technical specifications.

It isn’t much of a surprise that everyone make the link between success and discipline. So, lets take a look to the most disciplined force in the world for tips and habits to adopt. Probably you know who I’m talking about! Military of course.


Making bed each morning

Making your bed seems like a simple and easy habit that will never impact your success over time, but it really does make a difference in your day. This is why military men are trained to make a very tight bed every morning after waking up. And as William H. McRaven -retired United States Navy admiral- explained: “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.”

Have a strong body for a strong mind

Have you ever met a strong man or woman with a weak mind? Do you believe you will? It’s no coincidence that most of the world’s successful persons attribute exercise to their success, and it’s something that is extremely important in the military.Creating a strong body teaches you patience and endurance. Isn't what you need to have in order to be successful in your career?

Keep calm

No matter what goes wrong, military men has to keep their cool and focus on the mission. Sound so hard! But there is a lot of techniques that soldiers use in order to stay calm in the most stressful of situation (breathing technique for example). Definitely, it is time to learn from military and control the anger in all situations.

Respect others

Probably it's the last one on the list, but it's the rule number one in military and the most important one. Military men are respected because they give respect And the respect goes a long way, even towards people you don’t really like!


The Military is a massive collection of rules, regulations, standards and procedures that all members have all raised their right hands and sworn an oath to protect and defend there nations and, by default, they have also agreed, for as long as they’re in uniform, to live according to the rules and regulations of the military.

Here is 3 most unbelievable military regulations:

  • No chilling with hands in your pockets

The rule about hands in pockets is all about being able to salute.The rule is based off an idea that people with hands in their pockets somehow look nasty or unprofessional. So the rule is about discipline!

  • Haircuts every week

Part of the reason for the head shaving in Military is cleanliness. Hair must be neat and clean in appearance. Hair cannot touch the eyebrows, ears, or the collar and the hair closest to those areas much be tapered. However, it should still have a tapered appearance. Obviously, when wearing military headgear, the length and bulk of the hair must not interfere with properly wearing the cover.

Maybe It's also about saving some time?

  • Standing at parade rest when talking to senior service members

Almost all leaders are very stringent about this. Parade rest is when troops stand with the feet shoulder width apart, and their hands like so behind their backs. The junior service members, under every circumstance, are supposed to stand at parade rest when talking to their leaders. Hard no?


  • Walking and talking on a cell phone

One of the more annoying and ridiculous military-wide regulations.

APPARENTLY , it exists for two reasons: because troops need to be ready to salute officers, and because (again) "it just looks nasty." Actually, it looks normal. And if service members aren't paying attention and miss saluting an officer, chances are they're the type to do that without the cellphone.



The military has its own language of insider phrases and slang terms, that probably most of civilians don't know . Here is 7 phrases that only people in military will understand. Don't forget to leave these phrases behind when you leave the military. Otherwise, civilians around you are probably not going to know what you are talking about.

  • Soup Sandwich

Used to characterize an individual, object, situation, or mission that has gone horribly wrong. The meaning of the term derives from the fact that making a sandwich out of the soup is extremely difficult, and some would say impossible.

  • 15 minutes prior to 15 minutes prior

Military members are well aware of the rule of arriving 15 minutes prior to the time they are supposed to be somewhere, which is mean that if a soldier is in time, he is late!

  • Smoking and joking

Being ineffective, unproductive, or literally smoking and joking.

  • High speed, low drag

often used figuratively to describe pairs of sunglasses, cars, or just about any piece of "gear" but literally it means aerodynamics.

  • A good piece of gear

(in reference to people) Only in the service is it ok to refer to one of your coworkers or a person working for you as "a good piece of gear."

  • Make a hole

is the preferred method to tell a group of people to get out of your way.

  • Gear adrift, is a gift

It's your own fault if you left something unattended and it went missing.



Before the 20th century, the comfort of the ordinary soldier was never a priority. Soldiers used to have simple sleeping blanket even in cold weather. The military sleeping bags are quite a recent development who started with specialized mountain troops.



Extremely cold weather or mild weather. The military sleeping bag is produced with the aim of isolating the user from the changing environments.You can find the best quality of military sleeping bags exclusively on RAFF.

Suitable for use in -30 degree temperatures, It also provides protection to prevent cold air coming from the outside zipper. This construction ensures reserve warmth for cool, foggy nights. In warmer weather the zipper can be opened for ventilation. The military sleeping bags is waterproof  and outer surface is made of micro fiber nylon ripstop fabric .

Military sleeping bag is a light-weight sleeping bag with an extremely small packing size and

minimum weight and the dimensions are 180 x 75 cm.

The military sleeping bags are available in the fabric and the color of your choice (camouflage fabric , one color fabric...)

Manufactured using premium quality materials, our product range is available in different standard as well as custom shapes, sizes and specifications.

The production process is monitored at every stage to make sure the availability of best possible products to our clients. Providing true value of money to the client, the products are checked before the final delivery.


The military tents are suitable for muddy, stony, rough terrain and high mountain. Consolidated, water repellent, they allow the military to protect themselves whatever the climatic conditions and the requirements of camouflage. Obviously, each military tent is made of ultra-resistant material and  It folds and installs easily.

 In addition, the army tents can  do multitude of functions involving creation of storage for military rations as well as for creating sleeping space accommodation . And the good news is that the offered tenting solution is water, dust and microbial resistant, these also add to the safe and durable usage value !


Features :

  • Available in variety of sizes ( 5-10-50-100-500 persons )
  • Military tents are light in weight  ( 330 g / m3 )
  • Tensile strength must be 110 + -10 N
  • Comes with superior construction durability
  • Rot-proof and waterproof finish
  • Available in attractive color and design combinations
  • Can also be custom designed


Manufactured using premium quality materials, our product range is available in different standard as well as custom shapes, sizes and specifications.

The production process is monitored at every stage to make sure the availability of best possible products to our clients. Providing true value of money to the client, the products are checked before the final delivery.

Find the best quality of military tents exclusively on RAFF !





Ceremonial dress uniform  is the most formal military uniform (the standardised dress worn by members of the armed forces of various nations), typically worn at ceremonies, official receptions, and other special occasions. In fact,  all around the world soldiers wear a variety of uniforms that differ based on the branch of the military, the occasion and even time of the year.




Despite all the challenges facing the sector of military clothing, Raff military textile didn’t stop growing. Today, after many years of experience, Raff has the expertise to produce the best quality of ceremony military clothing while respecting the specifications (technical standards) of every country. Raff always makes sure as well to provide the best quality of ceremony clothes by using the best fabrics:

Wool: Wool is a comfortable and flexible fabric, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, wool fabric is elastic, drapes well,and can also absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling damp.  The fabric resists to folding and  return to its natural shape once relaxed. Moreover, the fabric resists to static electricity. The fabrics so  is very important to military clothing and has been used for a very long time in military textile.

poly-cotton: -as just what its name suggests- is a fabric that is made up of cotton and polyester fibers. The blend is designed to afford the advantages of both the cotton and polyester fibers into one fabric. As we all know that the Polyester does not breathe and has a tendency to stick to the skin once perspiration begins, while  the cotton is a fully breathable and  makes the fabric cooler in hot conditions. Thing that make the fabric very balanced and easy to wear in ceremonies.

Cotton: is Natural fabrics free of chemicals , very breathable and definitely a  great option for soldiers in the hot weather. Beside that the cotton is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the  skin , it s very comfortable and perfect for military clothes in general and ceremony clothes specially.



The military has had a huge impact on the fashion industry since the 15th century and it continues to inspire new trends even today. Here are a The Military’s Influence on Fashion and some examples of inspirations that went from the war zone to the runway.


  • Camouflage Print:



Camouflage print is one of the most popular military inspired fashion elements since the World war. The word camouflage is originally from the French slang term camoufler which is mean “to disguise”. The French army began employing artists to paint their uniforms and the purpose was to help the soldiers to blend in the environment around them, which makes it then harder to spot for the enemy.


  • Cargo Pants:


    The Cargo pants were introduced to the United States in the mid-1940s during World War II, but were first worn in 1938 by British military personnel. The loosely cut pants are also called combat trousers because they were designed for tough outdoor activities. The Cargo Pants are timeless and always fashionable.


  • Ray-Ban Aviator:


Founded in 1937 by an American company called Bausch & Lomb, The Ray-Ban Aviator quickly become so popular and start being used by the army. The story behind the pair of sunglasses is that a pilot asked the company to design sunglasses that would protect his eyes and ban the sun rays during the flight. So, Ray-Ban were designed to ban the sun rays.


  • The trench coat:


The trench coat was invented by Thomas Burberry as a raincoat for Army officers in 1901. The coat was not only designed to be waterproof and help soldiers to stay warm in first world war but it also had many other qualities, such as a gun flap, and also the belt was used to hold many things like maps.  The coat was perfect for harsh weather and the back of it was fitted with a storm shield to allow water to run off. The trench is so trendy and fashionable today as it was in the early 1900s.


  • Dr.Martens:


Designed by Klaus Martens a German doctor in World War II after suffering of an ankle injury. He noticed that his military boots couldn’t provide comfort that his bum foot needed. The doctor set out to create a shoe to speed up his recovery time. After decades of work with his old University friend Dr Herbert Funk, they start selling the boots around the world.


  • The bomber jacket:


the bomber jacket was originally created for military pilots of the U.S. Army in 1950. back then the aeroplanes did not have enclosed cockpits which makes the pilots feel the icy wind. the Americans created an entire brand dedicated to kitting out their soldiers in the sky, while the British chose to wear long leather coats. Today, the jacket is sign of style and often contains   rebellious messages and band names for an extra statement.


Soldier Snow Suit

Dress is made from snow jacket pants. Sewing step frequency should be at least ten cm and forty stitches. Joining seams must be sealed with tape from inside sources. The eyelets attached to the foot of the dress should be attached to the plastic part to tear the fabric of snow suit.

According to the Technical Specification how , should be soldiers Tracksuit

According to the Technical Specification, the tracksuit production from the two classes techniques are made to be knit fabric and fabrics weaving.

Lined cotton and polyester tracksuit Lined There are two types of military tracksuit.

Soldier tracksuit consists jackets and pants.

Tracksuit stitch density plantings in ten (10) cm, at least thirty (30) pcs is made.

Jacket has zippered pockets on both sides, the jacket's hem is elasticated. Tracksuit feature should be the model in front closure zipper is 6 + 2 cm from the front part. Tracksuit arm end is elastic.

 Sweatshirts made hooded portion. Behind the collar, zippered tracksuit bottom pants is on both sides. There are also two side pockets and zipper.

  The waist is elastic pants. Stopell cord is attached to the waist portion. Tracksuit trotters are sewn bent inward. Trotter’side has zipper.

Front edge of the hood is curved. sewn and made to pass cord.

Tracksuit Men in individual feature is the use of reinforcement fabric in the upper leg portion of the jacket and pants. The reinforcing fabric used in the arms of the jacket, the length should be 20 cm. Tracksuit pants leg of the reinforcing fabric is stitch length must be at least 30 cm. Planting of the soldier tracksuit, the most important part is the combination of the reinforcing fabric lining.



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Military Clothing - Military Materials - The materials used in the production of Military Apparel are produced with the first class material Raff Military Textile guarantee in accordance with the health.

Raff Police Clothes, Polis Coat - Police Handcuff - Police Ceremony Clothes - Police Training Clothe - Police Shirt - Police Clothes and Materials Police Robocop Clothing - Polis Coat, Police Reflective raincoat special sample works are completed.

Military Uniforms - Soldier Gloves - Soldier Palettes - Soldier Snow Clothing - Soldier Polar Clothes - Police Shirt - Soldier's Beret - Police Clothes and all our products have been completed with ISO 9001 Document guarantee.

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RaffTextile- Fabrics applying finishing process.

On our finishing department, we control the values we obtained in fixing part. We check weight of fabric gr/m2, warp-weft qaulity frequency, size control if they are appropriate with the contract.

Water proof, fireproof, anti bacterial, insect repellent, sweat absorbing specification can add on products.     

Raff Textile- Covering on fabrics

The most improtant process for obtaining resistance against bad air conditions is fabric covering. Fabric covering is applying according to the demand of buyers and have to be carefull that fabric do not lose breath taking.  We use water based acrylate and polyurethane and polymer for covering fabrics.

When creating fabrics construction, control and obey the specification given in contract.

We use high performence fabrics in military products. Technical specifications are water prof, windproof, beath taking, light, wrinkle free and strong.

Raff textile military textiles are producing for different using areas and different air conditions